Five Reasons to Use Blackening on Your Metals

There are more than a few good reasons that many companies consider blackening their metal for projects and the benefits are numerous. In fact, there are absolutely no downsides to choosing this method whenever you fear rust and corrosion might damage your metal during use. Therefore, the best thing that you can do for any metal that must be properly treated to avoid rust and other problems is to consider a blackening kit.


Although blackened metals are not typically put through this process simply to improve the appearance of the material, it is nevertheless a beneficial outcome of the process. Many companies utilise a metal blackening kit because it will produce a smooth dark black surface on the metal and help it to appear more attractive. Such a result is often reason enough for a company to treat even those metals that are not at risk of rust and corrosion so that they can be used in front of clients and customers as an aesthetic attraction.


The coating of black oxide on your metal materials is so thin that there is absolutely no change in the dimensions of the piece. No matter if you choose to blacken only the large components of a machine or every single tiny gear and bolt, the results will not alter the ability of the pieces to fit together as they should. This is ideal for machines that rely upon speciality parts that absolutely must fit according to precise measurements, allowing you to protect the metal of your machines without worrying about any issues caused by the process.


Corrosion is a constant threat to metal of nearly any kind and blackening can help you to significantly reduce the chance of this occurring and damaging your metal parts. The black surface will absorb wax, oil, or rust-preventative sealants that will work together to stop corrosion from happening, effectively adding decades to the lifespan of each part. No matter if you plan to use the parts daily or only occasionally, they will remain free of corrosion so long as you keep the blackening in place on the piece.


Blackened metals also do not reflect light in the way that a piece of untreated metal might, which can quickly cause a problem resulting in injury or worse on a work site. The blackening process will completely eliminate this problem by removing light glare. This will help operators feel less fatigued because they will no longer be fighting the light of the sun and they will be safer because it is no longer possible for a passing reflection to blind a person operating the machinery.

Blackening is a highly beneficial process by which many thousands of companies improve their machines, save money, and also save time. Doing this should also allow you to make your machinery look better and function on a higher level, especially if you compare it to metal that is untreated. Therefore, this type of treatment is a not only necessary but an investment into your company in a number of ways.


The Truth about Professional Printing and its Benefits

Many people hold to the misconception that sending printing out is often the more expensive option but this is certainly not the case except in highly specific situations. The cost of ink for desktop printers is significantly higher per litre than any other option, making it often the costliest way to print in bulk. While doing your own printing may be perfect for small quantities, any business or organisation that is planning to print off more than 50 pages should look to a professional for the service instead of relying on office printers.

Business cards, multi-part forms, fliers, stationery, and much more are jobs that are significantly more cost-effective when outsourced to a professional printing company. This is due in no small part to the fact that they get their ink for a much lower price, allowing them to save you money in turn. After all, they understand that you are attempting to save money here and they will do whatever is possible to ensure that this is exactly what you get to do whenever you utilise their services.

Paper Quality

One of the most important advantages offered by a printing professional is that they have specialised resources at their disposal that allow them to offer you higher-quality paper at a great price. This can actually be seen in a number of ways but having the best-quality paper at your disposal should remain a high priority, especially for such things as personalised stationery and business cards. There are many different types of printing papers available that few company offices tend to have on hand and the quality of the paper has a big role in the end result of the print project.

For example, you may choose between gloss, metallic, and matte paper, each with varied degrees of colour saturation and reflection. Some are better suited for bright and vibrant displays while others are more suitable for colours that are darker in nature. Regardless of your design requirements, you can visit to learn more and to speak with a qualified representative.

Printing Quality and Options

In addition to having more paper choices, the sheer quality of the printing will immediately be improved when you call on a professional printing service. This will also open you up to more options that would not be possible with any classic office printer, even if you have one of the modern units with multiple new gadgets attached. Professionals have access to specialty printing machinery that can be used to enhance end products and offer advanced options such as lamination, custom frames, and surface texturing that may not be available in an office.


Professional printers have access to printers capable of producing large quantities of prints in a short period of time, allowing for faster print turnaround whenever you have a rush order. This is critical for events on the horizon that require fliers, posters, and other prints that will promote your products or services. No matter if you want to hand out fliers or send letters on official stationery, you can ensure that your prints are beautiful and high-quality if you call on a print company for the help.


Five Advantages of Using OEE Systems and Services

Efficiency is key when running any business, especially if you want to reach optimal success. This is the case for all businesses, but especially for those in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is a fast-paced business where optimisation is always the goal. Manufacturing is a key service, which is why optimisation is so important in all applications.

To effectively improve efficiency, OEE technology is used to keep things on track. OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is a standard of manufacturing productivity. OEE systems are designed to assess the process of manufacturing and make sure that things are running as efficiently as possible. Also, if there are problems with the manufacturing process, OEE technology will be able to identify and recommend changes to fix the issue.

Read on to learn more about the top five advantages of using OEE technology. Also, if you want more information about how OEE can benefit your company, visit to learn more.

Return on Investment

Since equipment is such a hefty investment, you will want to make sure that you get the return you deserve from your company’s investment. OEE is the quickest and most reliable way to ensure that your entire investment and more will be returned to you through efficiency, quality, and saved time. Payback is fast, and that is excellent news for any business, especially those in the fast-paced world of manufacturing.

Reduce Machine Repair Costs

Factory and manufacturing machines are complicated and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair in many cases. However, OEE technology is designed to help reduce the frequency or need for repairs. This will help you save money and keep things running when they need to be.

OEE machines are designed to self diagnose, record all operations, and have smart protocols in place to protect themselves. This means that you will save money and keep things running smoothly for much longer.

Competitive Edge

Having the competitive edge in any business is key to achieving success. OEE systems are designed to help get your company there with the least amount of effort possible. For example, OEE technology will find the best way to have as many parts manufactured in an hour as possible, so that you’ll have an edge on the competitors. The better you improve your processes, the more successful you and your company will be in the long run.

Eliminate Waste

Wasted time and parts happens, but if you want to save more in these regards, OEE can help. The system will identify where waste is occurring and from there, you will be able to eliminate waste to form a more effective business plan and company operations.

Increased Quality

Increased quality means increased value. There are costs associated with faulty, substandard, and defective parts, which cause economic loss. OEE technology allows you to track quality problems and correct any issues. This will minimise repetition and make quality parts better. From here, you can stop experiencing any economic loss and continue to increase your financial benefits and gains instead.


Using a Modern Shipping Network to Distribute Your Parcels

Due to the ever-changing economic landscape, finding a viable logistics solution that you can actually count on seems to be next to impossible. Although the global shipping industry was once a reliable commercial engine, the lasting effects of 2008’s financial crash have finally started catching up to the sector.

During the run-up to the housing bubble of 2008, the shipping industry was booming and individual firms had no qualms about keeping massive amounts of inventory on hand. However, when the crash inevitably brought about a lower demand for goods, the entire international shipping community was faced with a significant oversupply of parcels and companies started dropping off one by one. From various port shippers and trucking firms to the recent bankruptcy of South Korea’s biggest shipping firm, Hanjin Shipping, our global distribution network is experiencing some troubling reverberations.

Fortunately, the rise of online shipping networks has been able to offset some of the recent tumult for both logistics companies and consumers alike. If you’ve ever used an aggregate website to find a reputable hotel, car dealership, or product supplier, you were essentially using a dedicated resource to compare and contrast different firms before picking the best one. Online shipping networks operate in a similar fashion except that these organisations go the extra mile by offering consumers a comprehensive distribution solution through a single channel rather than merely offering a list of various options. So, if you’re looking for a viable UK pallet delivery service, for instance, keep reading to find out how these online conveyance specialists operate.

What Is an Online Shipping Network?

Also commonly referred to as pallet couriers, these organisations are able to offer unbeatable rates without sacrificing any safety, security, or expediency, which has allowed them to persevere through the recent economic mayhem.

As such, the most reputable online shipping networks feature extensive partnerships with parcel carriers, distribution agents, logistics companies, and freight services, which means that they have access to a far-reaching system of viable shipping solutions above and beyond what you’d find in an independent company. This type of modus operandi allows online shipping networks to create customised conveyance routes through multiple delivery services, which is something that standalone firms cannot recreate on their own.

How Can You Use One of These Services?

If you visit the website of a renowned parcel courier service, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to facilitate a delivery:

  1. Request a Free Quote: Through the online portal, simply input the specific details of what you wish to ship and you’ll receive a near-instantaneous quote. Regardless of whether you wish to ship a single item or a massive consignment, you’ll be able to access a personalised quote tailor-made for your needs.
  2. Create a Booking: After receiving your quote, you can book your pallet delivery service within mere minutes. Once your submission is accepted, a network of carriers will use the information to establish collection arrangements for your package(s).
  3. Track Your Deliveries: A dedicated online tracking system allows you to keep tabs on exactly where your parcels happen to be throughout their journeys.

As you stand to save up to 75% on your next shipment, it’s worth your while to at the very least request a no-obligation quote from one of these shipping networks, especially if your logistics budget is in flux.


Cyber Attacks and You: What you need to know

We’ve already covered some major cyber-crimes, along with some information on how these attacks are likely to impact on the internet as a whole. But what you might not be aware of is how they can affect you personally, and how your own computer’s security vulnerabilities could mean that you are inadvertently making them possible. In order to avoid detection, the perpetrators of attacks like this can use a variety of tricks that mask their tracks by having “slave” computers do the majority of the work for them. Let’s have a quick look at what you need to know.

The most common “cyber attack”, as the press is quick to call these incidents, is the Distributed Denial of Service, which boils down to using a number of willing or unwilling computers to send another computer so many connection requests at once that it crashes trying to deal with the load. These are generally directed at big businesses, and although they will usually only disable a site for around 15-20 minutes at a time, they are easy enough to repeat multiple times, which can add up to a big loss of business over the course of a day. This is unlikely to affect you if you are an individual, but business owners of all sizes, and anyone who maintains a personal website, may find themselves falling victim to such an attack depending on how online activist groups view their content or strategies.

If you’re looking to avoid the fallout from the DDoS attack, the simplest way is to enable some type of flood control. These systems are generally incorporated into website architecture on more common platforms, and can be negotiated with your software developers. Flood control places a limit on the number of requests which can be made on a site by the same IP address, or within certain time limits (or both). If powerful enough will be able to prevent a DDoS from occurring by cutting off the issue of the source. However, this approach, while the only really foolproof method of preventing this type of disruption, may result in complaints from regular users parameters are set too strictly, and many larger websites may see this as equally disruptive.

Individuals can help to prevent this type of attack from occurring altogether by depriving cyber-terrorists of the source of a greater part of the infrastructure required. Most large-scale DDoS attacks are carried out by means of an illegally created network of slave machines called a “botnet”. Botnets are generally created by illicitly tricking a computer into downloading and running software which allows the machine to be controlled remotely, diverting its processing power to nefarious ends. If you’ve discovered your machine is completing routine tasks at an irritating snail’s-crawl recently, you may be a victim. A number of simple precautionary steps can be taken to prevent this kind of intrusion and manipulation.

First, if you’re planning to upgrade your system in the near future, make a beeline for desktops or laptops which are designed with security architecture in mind. If you’re not in the mood to slap down a few hundred bucks for a new machine, make copies of all your important data, virus scan it, and reformat your hard drive, as this is the only surefire way to purge an infected system of software nasties. Once you’ve reinstalled anything, some simple spyware detection software and a robust antivirus system (both of which are easily available for free open source, or commercially from numerous security firms) will usually be enough to protect your computer from all but the most up to date exploits. It’ll only take five minutes, and it’ll keep your system running smoothly and prevent criminals from exploiting your vulnerabilities.


Important Things About Web Development

With the advent of internet, web development has been a very convenient technology to use especially among companies and businesses. Web development is one of the most important aspects in marketing and promoting the products and services of a company. Web development is also one of the most difficult tasks for a company to undertake. This is because there is a need to hire website designers, advertising companies and consultants. Your website is the mirror of any business or company in the World Wide Web. Make sure that the website will catch every visitor’s attention, the contents will be easily understood and the graphics and design are not exaggerated.

When we talk about web development, we are referring to the activities that a website needs before being navigated in the internet. Web development also includes the creation and maintenance of a website. Web development processes include wed designing, server configuration, and coding. Through web development, web hosting is possible wherein the sharing of ideas or information can be done at any level. Many web development websites use online databases which led to the rise of software applications and web programs. Some of the most popular web development websites are usually e-commerce.

Web development industry has grown rapidly during the previous years. It is still expected to grow in the coming years. This industry has been in demand because there are a lot of companies and businesses that look for professional web developers to help them sell their products and services online. Abacus marketing seeks to understand client business plan and marketing strategy, so that we can comprehend precisely what is required to achieve.

Software engineering has been a very beneficial contribution to web development. Some of the programming languages used in wed development to create a good website are HTML, XHTML,, XML, Java Script, and CSS. These languages need a high skilled personnel and advanced technologies to be able for a website to be more developed. With advanced, technology, web development and design have been very to understand for other people.

Web Development professionals or web developers are tasked to assess the website design of a certain designer. They are also experts in changing and organizing the finished website. They evaluate the functions and the performance of a certain website. A good web developer knows how to operate more than one of the programming languages. Web developers should be very knowledgeable about web development so that they can help companies in marketing their services or products.

Web development can be very costly. Budget plays a very important role in web development. Larger companies may sometimes hire employ more than one web app developers especially on larger projects. Companies usually look for the best deals offered in the market wherein they can lessen their expenditures. Some web development companies offer high quality of services at an affordable price.

Choose a web development company that is reputable, with high ranking among its clients and will satisfy your needs.


How to Avoid Cheap Web Hosting Tricks

Web hosting is essential to the success of your website; however, the process of choosing the right company for the job can be quite tricky. In today’s marketplace you have thousands of options to choose from, with varying pricing models and services. This level of competition, however, has its drawbacks, often causing companies to offer bonuses to attract more customers, but at the expense of quality.

In this article I will explain what “tricks” to look out for and how you can tell a good web host from a bad web host.

Traffic Speed and Capacity

There are plenty of reliable cheap web hosting companies out there. While the word “unlimited”, when applied to bandwidth and traffic, may sound like an attractive prospect, it’s not always a positive. For example, if you’re offered unlimited traffic, but with a transfer speed of 1Mb/s, your website speed could become quite slow if you receive lots of visitors. Alternatively, limited bandwidth and traffic may sound like a con, but in most circumstances limited packages will provide a higher speed.

Don’t be fooled. Assess your traffic and speed needs before you make the final decision. Sometimes a faster, more stable website with limited traffic is more beneficial than having unlimited capacity on everything. If you plan to grow or expand over time, make sure you’ll have the option to upgrade or cancel your agreement.

Hidden Fees

Extra fees can cost you quite a bit! Always read the small print. When you sign up to a new web hosting service, additional services for extra is normal, but cancellation fees, upgrade fees and “pre-ticked” extras are not. Be very careful and check the Internet for customer testimonials and reviews.

Uptime Percentage

Almost all web hosts will provide you with an uptime guarantee. While most of them will fulfill their promise, there are many that will take advantage. There are various independent, non-biased uptime calculators that will determine exactly how much your website will get. When you launch your website, make sure you use one. This will give you more firing power should you ever need to argue for a refund in the future.

Renewal Prices

There’s nothing worse than getting a random, mega bill out of the blue from your web host. Many domain registration companies use the same trick. They sell packages at a low cost, and then up the fees after one year. Renewal price increases are common practice, so there’s nothing new or particularly unethical in doing it. Just make sure you know exactly how much it is and when the fees will be taken out of your bank account.

Limited Clients Per Service

Be wary of shared plan schemes. It is possible that you could end up on a bad server. Some web hosting providers will claim to only house a certain number of clients on each server, usually 100 or 200. However, industry insiders will tell you differently. Most “whistle blowers” claim that the majority of hosting companies do not abide by their promises and often overload their servers to meet demand. But don’t get me wrong, shared plans are not “dangerous” just don’t include them as an advantage when making your decision.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, hopefully you are better equipped to make a decision. Filter through each company, look out for the obvious signs, and always remember to research and examine your chosen provider before you input your credit card details.


How Can a Laser Engraver Diversify Your Woodworking Business?

Anyone who operates a woodworking business can grow their business by investing in a laser engraving system. With businesses across almost every industry cross-selling and diversifying, it’s a smart move for woodworking businesses to join this trend. If you’ve been trying to find a way to be more creative and boost your customer reach, a laser cutter can do that for you.

Diversify your woodworking business

Even though wood is your material of preference, you may consider adding other materials to your laser cutting business. The same laser engraving machine you buy can also engrave leather, acrylic, metals, and a few other materials that will add to what you offer your customers. You can start with wood, then expand later, but every business needs to consider diversifying to stay alive in modern times.

Essentially, a laser cutter will increase your product line whether you expand beyond woodworking or not. It’s simply better to expand where and when you can.

Pivot with change

Demands change, therefore you must roll with it. You will notice when a product or a whole sector of your product offerings becomes less profitable. That means you should cut back on that sector (or eliminate it) and focus on new products and materials. Keep an eye on trends, and learn new laser cutting processes to prevent downtime.

Add services and products

Engage your current customers/clients and reach out to more potential clients by adding personalized products to your line. Personalization is trending and hot now and there aren’t any signs of that slowing down. Ensure your clients that you can meet their needs so they know they can depend on you without having to go somewhere else for their needs.

Boost your bottom line

Laser engraving systems provide versatility, functionality, and precision for every product you create or personalize. That means you streamline your business, saving time and money. You should see such a return on your investment that it pays for the laser machine within a year or less. You also don’t have the cleanup with laser systems like your other woodworking processes.

Ideas for adding products

Here are two ideas to consider for your woodworking business that will expand on your product line.

  • Laser cut business cards – Businesses are always looking for unique ways to promote themselves. Business cards don’t have to be made from only conventional business card stock. Business cards are also made from plastic, acrylic, chipboard, metal, or wood. The goal is to create some samples to show off to potential business clients.
  • Personalized products – You can add personalized products from trophies to kitchen cutting boards to increase your reach and revenue.

You’re limited only by your own imagination and creativity when you add a laser engraving system. You will be amazed at how many new products and services you can add to your woodworking business by investing in this technology. You can engrave furniture, cabinetry, wood signs, wood plaques, trophies, stone, metal, and other materials and products that will lead to higher profits.