The use of VR in employee training

Using VR to train employees is rapidly gaining momentum. This method allows you to immerse yourself in any situation that employees may encounter on their way.

Just one mistake of an employee can harm the entire company, its finances or its reputation. The consequences can be different: from a negative opinion about the company’s work on social networks to the death of a person at work. Learn how VR can alert you to these situations in this article.

It should be noted that companies around the world are increasingly using virtual reality to provide a significant improvement in the learning process. This allows you to create an accurate simulation of situations faced by staff. The greatest interest was shown in the high-risk industries: energy, construction, industrial production.

VR is very popular in medicine for the training of specialists. American hospitals are already actively using virtual reality devices to train doctors. In particular, both beginners and practitioners learn using augmented reality to work in situations that are difficult to simulate in real life.

New skills are assimilated up to 500% faster, and the use of virtual reality devices can create real memories rather than abstract knowledge that must then be learned in practice.

Virtual reality is also effectively used for training in the aerospace and maritime industries. Previously, training required expensive equipment and intensive supervision, but VR simplifies the process and minimizes costs.

The VR learning trend is growing rapidly, despite the fact that technology is still at the beginning of its journey. Many training programs are in the early stages of implementation and there is great potential to expand training for enterprises in areas such as tourism and marketing.

Modern VR technologies enable the design of a new world, the imitation of standard and unusual situations with full human immersion during events, which is especially important when developing crisis situations. Actions in emergency situations are processed automatically and reliably stored in the employee’s memory. Due to the presence effect, the person deeply assimilates the information and gains real hands-on experience.

Advantages of VR-based training technology:

  • greater involvement of employees in the process, the possibility of changing scenarios, influencing the course of events;
  • full concentration on learning due to the lack of external stimuli;
  • high visibility – using VR technology, you can show any process, both holistic perception, and simulate any degree of detail;
  • application flexibility – development for specific teaching tasks.

It is easy to introduce VR to any company and derive tangible benefits from it.

One of the best uses of VR training is scenario-based exercises. The person is completely immersed in a working atmosphere in which he can encounter difficulties and solve the problem before it becomes a reality. Now this technology is being used more and more, and it saves a lot of time because a living example is much more interesting than sitting with books or listening to boring lectures.

HTC VIVE Business Edition VR System goggles and Vuzix m300 smart glasses as hardware, and agencies such as as software are now the best options that you can use for staff training. Using virtual reality is therefore one of the most successful ways to improve employees’ skills in a short time.


Will Events And Conferences Ever Go Back To Normal?

Group events and conferences will be the last things returning to normal, following the Covid attack. It is difficult to find out if ever group events, having thousands of people, will ever happen again. Everyone is asking when life will return to normal or when we can travel freely without masks and sanitizers. Every day we are battling on the front lines, following social distancing norms, staying away from family and friends, and it seems that the Covid pandemic has shaken our lives massively. When the situation is bad, it is better to host online events and stay connected to everyone. The events may be personal, professional, and may take place through various apps. The great advancement in technology has made digital meetings quite possible with the help of digital video conferencing apps. Face-to-face meetings are canceled to prevent further spread of coronavirus pandemic.

Restricting movements across the globe

Most of the event organizers look forward to arranging online meetings to restrict any sort of travel ripple. They move meetings and conferences online as a substitute for canceling these. The popular event “The Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2020” which was scheduled to take offline, drawing more than 10000 participants, will take place online. It will include a keynote of Billie Jean King who will be the speaker along with panels of experts. Online events bring together participants across time zones and geography which was once unimaginable. Thanks to technology, online meetings are no longer risky and complicated, or expensive.

Online event saves money

Online events are not only safe during these times of Corona, but they also it save time and money. If keeping a check on a budget is challenging, stick to online events and host meetings and conferences. However, an event whether online or offline requires planning and effective management. Take professional services to capitalize on smart solutions easy to work with. Consider the various sources of funds before executing the plan. Online events save money for there is no need to book a venue and spend money. Attendees may join the webinar from their respective places without any hassle.

Online registration

If the event requires attendees to pay the fees, they can make payment online. Again, it saves postage and printing expenses. The signup page may be designed online but the template should meet the design of the corporate website.

Choose event planners and specialists who are adept at organizing online events and booking audiovisuals. Leverage on virtual events for the show must go on. Event cancellation is no longer a solution and we need to explore digital alternatives.


Job Interviews and the Discrimination Minefield

Conducting a job interview 50 years ago was fairly easy and straightforward. You could bring a candidate in, have a casual conversation, and determine within a short amount of time whether or not said candidate is a good fit. Things are not so easy today. Modern job interviews are a lot like minefields thanks to new laws pertaining to discrimination.

Simply put, a lot of the questions you could ask 50 years ago are now off-limits. Virtually any question that even hints at the possibility of discrimination is not allowed. This applies even to questions that are asked innocently and with no intent to discriminate. If a job candidate believes questions are discriminatory, he or she can file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Things You Cannot Ask

What makes today’s job interview such a discrimination minefield is that the law isn’t always clear about things you cannot ask. There are some black-and-white questions, but most potentially offending questions are really left to the perception of the job candidate. Let’s look at a few examples.

You can ask a candidate straight up what shifts he or she is available to work. It is advised that you do not ask a generic question like, “can you work weekends?” Such an ambiguous and open-ended question could be perceived as a litmus test to determine a candidate’s religious practices. It could be construed as potential religious discrimination.

Surprisingly, you cannot ask questions pertaining to arrests or convictions for crimes that do not directly pertain to the position a candidate is hiring for. Some states make it illegal to ask any arrest or conviction questions at all.

One last example is asking questions about disabilities. If you believe a candidate may not be able to perform adequately for the job at hand, the best you can do is describe the position in detail and then asked the candidate if he or she can perform all the functions thereof. You don’t ever want to ask outright if a candidate has a disability. You do not want to ask if he or she has ever filed a worker’s compensation claim or suffered the injury as a result of a perceived disability.

When a Complaint Is Filed

Be aware that you could do everything right in an interview and still be subject to an EEOC complaint. According to BenefitMall, a Dallas payroll and benefits company, EEOC complaints require very little on the complainant’s part to get things started. What do you do if you are the subject of an EEOC complaint?

The first thing is to follow the instructions found in the EEOC notification. Those instructions include logging on to the EEOC’s Respondent Portal to view the complaint and read any messages already posted by investigators. Logging on may reveal that the agency wishes to resolve the complaint through mediation rather than a formal investigation and potential litigation.

Should the EEOC decide to investigate, you will have every opportunity to gather evidence in your own defense. You might be asked to submit a position statement and schedule an onsite visit from the EEOC. You might be required to respond to a formal request for information, including providing contact information pertaining to other employees who may serve as witnesses.

Note that the EEOC is required to follow a very specific process to protect the employer’s rights as much as the complainant’s. Just follow the process through to its conclusion and see what happens. All you can do is cooperate to the best of your ability and leave the rest to the EEOC.


’Angular 7—Your Perfect Partner for Web Development

Ever since its release in May 2018, the popularity for Google’s new TypeScript Framework Angular 7 has skyrocketed. No web developer can deny the fact that Angular is destined to be the new future of enterprise-scale web applications. The new version is lighter, faster and easier.

What is Angular 7?

Angular is a platform that empowers web developers to create single page applications (SPAs) and highly interactive and responsive UI and web pages. It combines:

  • Declarative-templates
  • Dependency-injection
  • End-to-end tooling, and
  • Integrated best practices for solving of development challenges.

The platform not just targets web browsers but also native mobile apps. Hence Angular is the hottest thing in the industry.

New Features of Angular 7.0.0

Angular 7 outshines and outperforms any other platforms as it is packed with unique and revolutionary features which makes it simpler and faster.

The highlight is ‘Angular elements’- Angular 7 is the first version to support Angular elements fully. This feature makes Angular cross-compatible as a web developer can now use Angular components in other environments, such as VueJS app or a simple jQuery app. To put it simply, any component created in Angular 7 can now be picked and used in any HTML page. This has truly made life easier for web developers.

The other important features are Stable Angular Material with CDK (Component Development Kit), Bazel compiler support which helps in faster builds due to optimized dependency analysis, faster compilation and smaller file size with the new Ivy Renderer, Ng Update and NgModel Change giving stable automatic updates and Tree Shaking which prevents unused codes from getting into final bundle.

Is it challenging to learn Angular 7?

The only downside of Angular Training, when compared to other platforms, is its steeper learning curve. But in the longer run, all efforts you put into master Angular is worth it and will get rewarded. Angular web development courses are in great demand in the industry. Anyone who aspires to build a career in web application development should take up a course in Angular. Online courses are easily accessible these days. Zeolearn provides one of the best-tailored courses that can be customised and scheduled according to our availability. The course is designed in such a way that learning is by example—we get hands-on experience through live projects guided by industrial experts. A major perk is a downloadable courseware and access to an extensive code base provided by Zeolearn. The course is divided into 27 modules where you get introduced to:

  • The basics of the framework (the evolution from Angular JS to Angular 7)
  • The fundamentals of typescript and ES6.
  • In no time we can easily transcend from basics such as:
  • Forms
  • Pipes
  • CSS Styling

More complex fundamentals like:

  • Routing
  • Directives
  • Multi-threaded Web

Along with exercises on how to build end-to-end, working applications. On the finishing of the course, we get to make our own application using Angular 7 and deploy it using Angular CLI and will receive a course completion certificate that is highly valued.


Train to become an Executive PA

Even with all the organisational help offered by modern technology, Executive Assistants (also called Personal Assistants or PAs in some firms) are still in demand.

As their name implies they are often a feature of executive level offices. Departmental heads, Operations Managers and Chief Executives will nearly always have one. It’s almost a badge of honour which proclaims their senior status in the company.


A PA will be expected to undertake a wide range of duties. They will

  • Manage their boss’ diary
  • Organise meetings and conferences
  • Produce all the paperwork for these – agendas, papers for discussion, finance or sales spreadsheets, presentations
  • Attend top-level meetings to take minutes
  • Deal with budgets
  • Screen phone calls
  • Greet visitors
  • Produce correspondence for their boss (or bosses)
  • Potentially manage a team of other secretaries, administrators and reception staff
  • Most likely be involved in the recruitment process for this team, handling personnel issues as needed in smaller companies


Many PAs learn at least some of these skills in other jobs long before scaling the heights of the Executive Assistant’s ladder. But for those with a wish to make a career out of Personal Assistant work, having the right skills from the start – and being able to prove it at interview – is vital. This is where organisations such as the Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators come in. The IEAA offers accreditation in a wide range of suitable PA training skills; not just typing but also finance, bookkeeping, event management, project management, business communications and social media management. This is a much wider job remit than in previous versions of the role, mainly due to the impact of the internet on business generally. While some of the skills may come naturally to prospective students, it is worth noting that business communication and social media management are very different from their counterparts in everyday life.

Courses are available through a network of training providers and membership of the Institute can be taken out as soon as students enrol on a course. Certificates can prove that an applicant has the necessary skills for the job; these can then be tested at interview.

Courses such as those offered by the IEAA are divided into levels which aim to equip students with the basic skills to fulfill roles at various levels of administrative, PA and EA seniority. From Level 2 Receptionist to Level 4 Office Manager or Level 5 Executive Assistant qualifications, the depth of knowledge is clearly indicated to both student and prospective future employer.

The Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators is the modern-day version of ‘secretarial college’. The courses are delivered through accredited training providers in several locations across northern Europe, and the resulting PA training qualifications are equally recognised as suitable grounding for employment as anything up to an Executive Assistant in those countries and beyond.


Top Interview Tips to Secure that Job

We all know that every job that you apply for nowadays is going to be competitive. That is just the way of the world. But, it can be even more difficult to secure one of the dental jobs advertised, as sometimes there are more than fifty applications for just one position. I recently heard of a dental recruiter who had 97 candidates for one opening. This is why standing out from the crowd is essential.

Central to “standing out” is during the interview process. Of course, this is where many of us are at our most nervous and we often don’t let our true personality shine through. We tend to behave in a way that you think the recruiter would like, which can reduce the likelihood of you landing the job. This is why we would recommend to be yourself. Appear relaxed, yet engaged.

Bond at a Personal Level

Sure, many recruiters will first be looking at your experience and whether you have the right qualifications for the opening. But, they also need someone who can fit into their culture and someone who is “good to work with”. They want a team player. You don’t need any qualifications for this. All you need to do is to show that you can work as part of a team and that you are a nice person. One way of showing this is to bond with the interviewer on a personal level. They may have a picture of them golfing in their office, so you could mention that you also play and crack wise about that.

Ask Questions

You don’t want the interview process to be a one-way conversation. It has been proven that if you ask more questions, the interview can turn more into a conversation, which would be beneficial for you. Every candidate should have many questions they need to ask, so don’t be scared to speak out. In fact, it will show initiative on your part.

When interviewers are greeted with a candidate who doesn’t ask questions, they think that the candidate is either not interested or not engaged. This makes them less likely to hire the individual.

Research the Culture

Recruiters are looking to hire for the right fit at the first time of asking. Central to the success of this is to find a candidate that can seamlessly integrate into the culture of the dental office. You can maximize the chances of fitting into this culture by identifying what makes the organisation the way it is, and how you could contribute to that. They may have a forward-thinking approach, and you could say that you are doing more than the minimum required for continuing education credits. This shows that you too are forward thinking.

So, why not browse the latest job openings in the industry now and put these new interview techniques to the test –


Engineering Consulting Covers a Number of Areas

If you are making improvements to an infrastructure or require planning approval, you can benefit greatly from the varied services offered by a consulting engineer. The firm you choose should offer a variety of offerings, each which can assist you in various construction initiatives.

Consulting Benefits

Engineers who offers consulting do so in the following areas:

  • Drainage designs are provided with the use of the latest in modelling and design software. Adaptation of recent methods from the SUDS manual for sustainable drainage systems enables engineers to manage drainage designs for various-sized developments.
  • Software is also used for highway design. In these cases, 3D modelling software is used to produce highway designs for roundabouts, carriageways, and junctions.
  • Besides design, Chichester engineers–consulting specialists can bring designs for highways up to acceptable standards so they can be adopted under various agreements.
  • Horizontal and vertical designs are also performed for external works, including the establishment of finished floor levels and external finishes for the construction of car parks.
  • Flood-risk assessments are included for developments as well.

Volumetric Analyses

Besides the above services, consulting engineers also get involved in volumetric analyses. They can assist you in reducing costs by performing these evaluations, as the removal of excavated material and the addition of new material can become expensive. By using their help, a site can be engineered to provide a balanced cut-and-fill.

As you can see, you cannot carry out any construction project without the intervention of an engineering consultant. Make full use of the services of a company that is fully committed to the aforementioned pursuits.


Why Heat Your Schools Swimming Pool

It is important to heat your schools swimming pool to increase the level of usage, a heated pool can be enjoyed all year round by students and teachers alike, it allows greater access and provides a safe and enjoyable area where children can learn to swim. A swimming pool is a substantial investment, so why not get the most out of it and install a heating system. The following article will discuss some of the benefits of having a warm swimming pool.

Teaching Water Safety

It is vital that kids learn to swim at a young age, and what better way to learn that with their friends in school. The problem with having a pool which isn’t heated is that children get cold quickly when instructors are giving directions, you don’t want kids waiting around in a freezing cold pool while listening to swimming coaches. It is better to have them submerged in a pool with a heated system, this means they won’t get bored quickly and there is less risk of them getting sick. You can’t expect instructors to teach lessons in a cold pool and expect kids to listen intently while their body temperature gradually decreases.

Return on Investment

If your school is lucky enough to have a pool, why not go that extra mile and install a heating system. You want to maximise your return on investment, so fitting your facility with a heating system makes perfect sense. A warm pool allows your students to enjoy swimming all year round, it gives you more space to include extra classes, so the pool becomes more inclusive for all. It completely opens up your timetable and offers kids a much larger schedule. A heated pool also gives you an opportunity to rent the pool out for after school activities, this is a great way of making extra money which can be reinvested in other educational projects. For example, you could rent your facility out to instructors who wish to run aqua based classes such as:

  • Lifesaving lessons
  • Water safety certification
  • Aquarobics
  • Water walkers
  • Adult swimming lessons
  • Rookie lifeguard classes

There are a wide variety of classes that your pool could host outside of school hours that would bring in some much-needed additional finance. Commercial pool heating isn’t as costly as before, it is now very affordable and has a variety of associated benefits. It can increase swim time for students by as much as 50%, it also makes your pool available to rent at any time of the year. Heating swimming pools are no longer a luxury exclusively enjoyed by elite schools, any educational institute can now avail of a commercial heating system.

There is a whole host of benefits associated with installing a heating system in your schools swimming pool, students get far greater access to the facility and it is available for use all year round. It makes it far more inclusive and it gives your school an option for running physical activity events throughout the term, you’re no longer dependent on weather conditions.


A Guide to Employee Verification and Screening Services

The demand for pre-employment background checks is very high in the modern business world, especially when a company wishes to fill a key role in management, and with online experts, the entire process can be completed via their website, giving the employer peace of mind. If you are about to hire someone for a key position, it makes sense to do a little checking, and with a range of screening and checking options, the employer will receive verification within a few days.

Comprehensive Service

Imagine a Singaporean business owner is about to hire a sales manager, and after an exhaustive process, one candidate seems to be perfectly suited for the role, there are steps that can be taken to verify the candidate’s integrity, and with a simple online search, the boss would then have a list of background screening companies in Asia. It really is a simple as that, and with customised services, you can screen the applicant according to your wishes, which might include a personal financial check, and possibly a criminal conviction search, and this can include other countries, if required.

Major Investment

Hiring a key person that will be part of your team means your company heavily investing in the candidate, and their abilities, and with many job applicants not being completely honest when giving information, there is only one way to establish the person’s integrity, and that is by assigning the right company to carry out the necessary verification on your behalf. You might be surprised to know that more than 50% of job applicants withhold certain facts when applying for employment, and this means one needs to verify certain aspects of the candidate’s history in order to be sure they are the right type of person for the role.

Employment History

Not everyone leaves a job on good terms with the employer, and it is quite easy to cite personal issues, or perhaps a lack of prospects as the reason for leaving a company, which might be far from the truth. It is understandable why job applicants are not completely honest in the information they provide, but for the employer, this gives a false image of the applicant, and the risks are very high if you hire someone who has not been verified in some way or another.

Professional Qualifications

It has been known for people to go to the trouble of creating and using fake diplomas and certification, which will enhance their chances of landing the job, yet for the employer, it could mean unknowingly hiring someone who does not have the necessary skill or experience to handle the role. Having qualifications verified is very common in business circles, and to be honest, it is the only way to know whether a qualification is genuine.

Most large companies will use a screening service when they are about to hire a key person, and with a tailored package, you only pay for what you need, and you also have the peace of mind, knowing the candidate has integrity.


5 tips to effectively manage your educational loan

Education is the tool that can be used to change the world. It has such power, and a means to earn respect in the society. But with fewer resources and race to become the best, the access to elite colleges often gets restricted by financial needs. To overcome such restriction students usually opt for student’s loan. Inefficient handling of personal finance, not getting a good paying job and many other such factors make it difficult to for a student to pay the loan. Therefore here is a guide to help you in getting over this situation.

  1. Do not default on your loan-Make the best practices of personal financing. Learn about this topic, search on the net and get as much information as you can. Save money here and there and always repay your loan when the time comes. Do not unnecessarily default on your loan. Such acts result in bad credits and can create a lot of problem in future. Better maintain the account and avoid any such problem.
  2. Use your friendly gadgets to sort out things– Use the internet to search for the plans that suit you the best regarding loan repayment. For simplification, you can go with loan EMI calculator, as provided in this website, that gives you the EMI amount instantly along with a graphical representation that shows the degree of principal and interest to be paid by the time of completion. Use it and make a quick comparison of different loan plans and choose the best one as per your need.
  3. Get the most out of preparation period: The preparation period or in the technical term, the moratorium period is your time to collect funds and all your savings to get ready for the payment phase. This moratorium period or also known as repayment holiday is usually a year after your studies over or six months after your job commence whichever comes earlier. So preparing yourself during this period makes it easy to repay for the EMI after the period.
  4. Exploring different types of schemes: There is a plan that allows you to take loans in parts. In that way, the burden of interest is lowered. Reducing the overall burden from the very beginning of repayment holiday is a good way to reduce the overall EMI that you will have to pay afterward. There is also a special scheme for girls who can get a loan at reduced interest. Also, there is a special loan that provides extended moratorium period to economically backward students.
  5. Search for ways to earn: The student can get flooded with scholarship offers, competitions with prize money, paid part time services and much more. In this way, you can earn some money and get funds in advance to clear your debt with ease.

There are many things to consider before moving on with the idea of getting an education loan. A well-planned startegy an education loan will ensure that your study period goes well and at the same time you take care of your finance.