Enjoy More Consistency In Your Profits By Working With A Debt Collection Service

Many companies are having a hard time gaining consistency in their profits. Surprisingly, however, this has very little to do with how consistent their sales are. As a business owner, you may be closing deals each and every day. Collecting payments on these sales, however, could be another matter entirely. If this sound familiar, you should be working with a debt collection service. Following are some of the many benefits that these services can provide.

A Debt Collection Service Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line

When you work with a debt collection service, you can start getting payments on more of your invoices. Many companies in business to business relationships do not remit payments until they absolutely have to. If you are not actively pressuring your clients to do so, you will soon find yourself struggling to pay your own bills. Service providers like these will take care of these efforts for you. They will:

– Contact delinquent companies to collect payments on your behalf.

– Maintain a friendly and helpful demeanor at all times.

– Work hard to help you preserve the customer relationships that you have built.

– Establish more stringent expectations for bill payment.

Why You May Need A Debt Collection Service

Many company owners are reticent to pressure their clients to remit payments. They worry that this might cause agitation on the part of their customers and hurt their chances of getting repeat business or good word of mouth advertising. A debt collection service, however, will take an entirely results-oriented approach to these efforts. These entities use proven tactics for getting people to clear up their old accounts and without causing frustration, fear or anger on the part of your customers. They value your business relationships just as much as you do.

Save Money By Working With The Right Service Providers

If you have been experiencing cash flow issues due to a failure to collect on old invoices, you may be considering invoice factoring services. This allows you to sell your open invoices to a third-party so that you can collect the funds you need to pay down your own, urgent bills. Sadly, however, these transactions can be very costly for small businesses and they can lead to a cycle of borrowing that has a negative and lasting impact on bottom lines. If you opt to use debt collection services instead, you can collect a far larger percent of your current invoices.

Undo Negative Conditioning

Your customers may be conditioned to pay their bills late. If you do not have a solid system in place for getting people to remit their payments on time, then you have already set a precedent for late payments. This means that your customers are already conditioned to pay their bills at a time that is most convenient for them, rather than one that is most convenient for you. As a result, they will not make an effort to pay your future invoices in a timely fashion and will continue to maintain delinquent accounts. Hiring a third-party to take care of these efforts before you will undo this negative conditioning. This way, you can collect on the money that is owed to you now and can look forward to timely payments in the future.


The FTC’s Recent Ruling on Influencer Marketing

With almost 50 million subscribers, thousands of uploaded videos, and daily updates, Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel is the prime source of news, reviews, and updates for millions of gamers worldwide. His channel on YouTube is the largest on the platform by a huge margin, the second largest having only 28 million subscribers, and he is arguably the most powerful tastemaker and influencer in the industry. No other mainstream video games and media company comes close to his numbers: for instance, IGN – the most popular gaming site, has only 8 million subscribers on the platform.

Just by looking at these figures, you’ll know that when Pewdiepie plays your game, you are all set. It’s basically like winning the jackpot. The influence and the vast following he has may mean that your game will hit the top spot in charts, will attract a huge fanbase even before being officially released and, what’s more important, will influence other gaming websites and review platforms. There are countless examples of previously unknown, obscure games which were brought into the limelight by Pewdiepie and saw instant success. It’s no surprise that Warner Bros. executives saw him as the perfect influencer for their new titles coming out every year. After all, what could go wrong, right?

So what did Warner Bros. do?

Warner Bros., just like many other video game studios, recognized Pewdiepie as a massive influencer in the industry. What they actually did was simple and straightforward – they used Pewdiepie for a bump to their video games, in this case to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Almost all video game studios are more than willing to contact YouTubers, bloggers, and other influencers for this type of service. What they did wrong, however, was that they “skipped” the disclosure part. This apparently small issue was the subject of the complaint made by the Federal Trade Commission.

In simpler words, Warner Bros. paid Pewdiepie for a favorable review of their 2014 title Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and the video posted on YouTube didn’t feature a visible disclosure about the financial transaction between the two sides.

FTC’s ruling and what it means

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), consumers were deceived by the game’s producer and were misled about the nature of the sponsorship. The ruling is one of the first high-profile signs that FTC is starting to crack down on certain behaviors in influencer marketing. It also means that FTC has a firm grasp on influencer marketing as a whole and is watching closely this marketing strategy. Apparently, influencer marketing is attracting more attention from the FTC than other types of marketing and tradtional publishers.

To better understand how FTC sees the delicate matter of influencer marketing let’s take a look at the 3 main points detailed in the ruling:

  • Warner Bros. instructed influencers to place a disclosure box under the video. Because the disclosure box was too large, the paragraph detailing the financial transaction was not readily visible. This means that the average consumer was unaware of the financial transaction between the two parties.
  • Early copies of the game were given to influencers, but they failed to disclose that Warner Bros. paid them beforehand.
  • Warner Bros. asked influencers for a pre-approval of their videos, and only positive reviews were allowed. Basically, the influencers had to express a positive sentiment in their videos and suggest that the game is good. Similarly, they were not allowed to promote negative sentiment about the company or show errors, glitches and issues related to the game.

The ruling is considered particularly important in the marketing industry because it creates a precedent. The FTC reconsiders influencer marketing as a separate type of advertising. Additionally, the FTC simply wants to shed light on influencer marketing as a new marketing strategy and educate consumers, influencers and companies. This is because, up until now, consumers were somewhat baffled about this new concept: is this a paid recommendation? Is this review real? How is my perception shaped by it? These are all questions that need answers and FTC is starting to deal with these delicate matters.

It’s important to note that this ruling is primarily about the financial exchange that led to these reviews. All advertising is inherently positive and almost always features a financial contract between two or more sides. This ruling suggests that FTC wants to clarify that it sees influencer marketing as advertising, and consequently, it needs to abide to the same strict regulations that are expected with any other marketing endeavour, especially in terms of transparency. The order strictly requires Warner Bros. (and other companies) to strictly follow regulations lest they receive additional punishment. Another interesting detail is that FTC wants the brands and companies (but not the influencers, themselves) to fully comply with these regulations and make their disclosures legible. In other words, influencers don’t risk punishment, but advertisers do.

The conclusion for marketers

The FTC is obviously taking a tougher stance on the online marketing industry, and particularly on the influencer marketing campaigns. Agencies, brands, companies and even influencers should work more transparently and openly. Apparently, these marketing deals are closely monitored by the FTC and high-profile influencers should better understand consumer rights.

While influencer campaigns can prove extremely effective, without a proper legal disclosure they can turn into a PR disaster. As a result, major online companies, like Google and Yahoo have made it clear that they are monitoring deceptive social media campaigns and are willing to block them if there is cause for serious concern. Bottom line, if you want to start an influencer marketing campaign, you must must abide to FTC’s prohibitions against deceptive or misleading advertisement. When you work with influencers, either directly or through influencer marketing platforms, make sure you understand the nature of the activities of your campaign, and make especially sure that audiences have the transparency they need in order to understand this as well.


How Can a Laser Engraver Diversify Your Woodworking Business?

Anyone who operates a woodworking business can grow their business by investing in a laser engraving system. With businesses across almost every industry cross-selling and diversifying, it’s a smart move for woodworking businesses to join this trend. If you’ve been trying to find a way to be more creative and boost your customer reach, a laser cutter can do that for you.

Diversify your woodworking business

Even though wood is your material of preference, you may consider adding other materials to your laser cutting business. The same laser engraving machine you buy can also engrave leather, acrylic, metals, and a few other materials that will add to what you offer your customers. You can start with wood, then expand later, but every business needs to consider diversifying to stay alive in modern times.

Essentially, a laser cutter will increase your product line whether you expand beyond woodworking or not. It’s simply better to expand where and when you can.

Pivot with change

Demands change, therefore you must roll with it. You will notice when a product or a whole sector of your product offerings becomes less profitable. That means you should cut back on that sector (or eliminate it) and focus on new products and materials. Keep an eye on trends, and learn new laser cutting processes to prevent downtime.

Add services and products

Engage your current customers/clients and reach out to more potential clients by adding personalized products to your line. Personalization is trending and hot now and there aren’t any signs of that slowing down. Ensure your clients that you can meet their needs so they know they can depend on you without having to go somewhere else for their needs.

Boost your bottom line

Laser engraving systems provide versatility, functionality, and precision for every product you create or personalize. That means you streamline your business, saving time and money. You should see such a return on your investment that it pays for the laser machine within a year or less. You also don’t have the cleanup with laser systems like your other woodworking processes.

Ideas for adding products

Here are two ideas to consider for your woodworking business that will expand on your product line.

  • Laser cut business cards – Businesses are always looking for unique ways to promote themselves. Business cards don’t have to be made from only conventional business card stock. Business cards are also made from plastic, acrylic, chipboard, metal, or wood. The goal is to create some samples to show off to potential business clients.
  • Personalized products – You can add personalized products from trophies to kitchen cutting boards to increase your reach and revenue.

You’re limited only by your own imagination and creativity when you add a laser engraving system. You will be amazed at how many new products and services you can add to your woodworking business by investing in this technology. You can engrave furniture, cabinetry, wood signs, wood plaques, trophies, stone, metal, and other materials and products that will lead to higher profits.

Small Business

The Perfect Shipping Company

What is it that makes a great freight business? This question has been asked by most companies that are engaged in the import – export business, and with the latest modern methods, things are definitely on the up and up. The Internet has certainly been a game changer in more ways than one in our lives, it has essentially allowed for instant communication in real time, plus, enabled online business to really establish a foothold. Today, there are so many advantages, especially for those involved in the freight industry.

Carrier networks

Now that so many freight companies and shipping agents are able to co-ordinate in real time, we for the very first time have a large network of carriers that can manage all kinds of freight, and guarantee it gets delivered to any destination globally. Affordable freight delivery needs to be both efficient and reliable, and flexible enough to ship anything from a small package to multiple sea containers.

Keeping track online

A reliable company will really help the client as much as possible to check the status of a shipment at any time of the day or night. It is crucial to be aware in advance if there happens to be any delays, and with GPS tracking, the customer can always stay informed as to just where their cargo is. Cheap pallet delivery has never been easier!

A three step method

A modern online freight company uses a simple, three stage method for their customers.

  1. Contact the website and obtain an instant online quote
  2. Make a booking – By simply filling out a form, all details will be sent on to the carrier, who will then make appropriate collection arrangements.
  3. Log in and easily track your shipment and receive notification of delivery. What could be easier?!

All-inclusive insurance

All freight should definitely be insured. Turbulent seas or natural disasters are a common occurrence in some parts of the planet, and if your shipment unfortunately happens to get damaged, the insurance will cover any losses.

Smaller container loads

At times, a customer does not require a full container, and the shipping company will easily arrange for the goods to be loaded into a shared container, which will make shipment cheaper. Such flexibility ensures a customer to obtain the best service with the minimum of inconvenience, and at an affordable price.

Documents and customs all taken care of

A great freight company will take care of all documentation and customs clearance, leaving customers the freedom to focus on their business. Also, arrangements can be easily made for any labour that may be necessary for loading the goods at the point of collection.

The business of cargo shipment has never ever been so easy, and with the use of online tracking, you will 24/7 know exactly where your goods are. So, it’s great to be doing business at a time when such ideal shipping companies are out there!


How Brexit May Affect Taking Businesses Offshore

As the United Kingdom is negotiating its break from the European Union, everyone is wondering what lies ahead, especially for those who were planning to form offshore businesses. While there are many unknowns regarding the split, if the decision to leave the EU is finalised, UK businesses will find going offshore more difficult to do. The changes may not affect companies that are already set up offshore but start-ups and other companies wanting to make the move will not be able to do so as easily as it’s done now.

Potential Offshore Changes

For UK businesses looking to move offshore, going to tax havens in the Caribbean will not be affected by leaving the EU because they are not members. This means companies could still move to places such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Nevis, Panama, the Bahamas, and Anguilla.

However, many of the more convenient tax havens in the EU may no longer be an option without doing much more work if the UK is no longer a member nation. This means that if you wanted to reside where your business is, then you would need to apply for a visa and go through the regular process for the country to which you want to move your company.

Making the Move

If you’ve been considering moving your business offshore to Switzerland, Gibraltar, Malta, or another of the other EU tax havens, you should start setting up a move now before the UK is no longer an EU member. Your company’s solicitor and financial advisor could help you decide which country is your best option and contact a formation company to help your business make the move. For instance, if your company or start-up is in the tech industry, then moving to Switzerland could be a great option and a business specialising in Swiss company formation could help expedite the process.

Along with discussing the options with you, the formation company can prepare all the legal and fiduciary documents needed to form your corporation and register it. They can also get your capital bank accounts opened and make sure the Foundation documents are prepared, which includes getting the Memorandum and Articles of Association written and filed, which must be done in German. Formation companies can also help set up your company’s operational policies and processes so you can start doing business as soon as possible.

Seek Offshoring Advice

If you haven’t decided whether to offshore your business or start-up, you need to seek advice about whether offshoring is right for your company. If your lawyer or financial advisor doesn’t have experience with offshore businesses, you need to seek advice from experts who do.

They can help you determine if the tax and other benefits would be worth going through the offshoring process, especially since no one knows exactly what to expect when the UK separates from the EU. Some experts don’t expect too many changes for businesses but no one knows for sure. The separation from the EU will complicate matters but the right advice can help your business move forward.


Optimise Your Business Growth with Effective Marketing

Market is flooded with advertisements, both good and bad. The quote by world renowned advertising expert David Ogivly, “Fifty percent of all advertising is useless. We just don’t know which fifty percent,” mirrors the thoughts of a present day business owner who is finding advertising difficult. In this competitive business world, business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to get the most from the cost that they are investing in advertising world. Not able to generate the desired results, they are left wonder whether they should buy large ad space in yellow pages/local press or whether they should develop a new website and employ an SEO expert, who will help their business move higher in search engine ranks or whether they should start a new advertising campaign.

It has been more than fifty years that Mr. Ogivly uttered those words. His words from 1960s stand true in the present scenario. From 1960 s till now, the marketing and sales world has transformed drastically. Over these years, advertising mediums have not only grown exponentially, but have also become more confusing, thanks to the advent of online marketing. More and more business owners are pondering over innovative and effective ways to find new customers.

The solution to this problem lies in seeking the help of industry experts, i.e. outsourcing the marketing and lead generation services to lead generation companies UK. These companies have revolutionised the marketing industry and have put the business owner back into the space where he belonged– the driving seat of his business. The modus-operandi of these companies is quite simple. They help businesses generate leads. As per the contract, lead generation companies UK generates warm leads and enquires for a business in a specific area that the business service in and delivers it to the business from where the sales executive takes on the process to convert leads into sale.

These lead generation companies UK not only takes care of big enterprises, but also take care of start-ups and small businesses. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner who is often left wondering why in spite of putting time and resources on marketing, your business is not getting the kick start that you wanted it to, then it is an alarming situation. It’s a wakeup call for you because you are wasting your precious time and resources over ineffective marketing. The money that you are spending thinking that it will help you generate quality leads is being wasted. You might be feeling cheated; but don’t worry, you are not alone. Instead of being dejected, it is the time to move on. It is the right time for to avail the services offered by genuine lead generation companies UK.

In the current marketing world, where advertising has become more of a trial and method, lead generation companies give business an opportunity to maximise their growth at minimum investments. With fluctuating cost of obtaining a lead and more and more business owners struggling with limited budgets, it has become imperative for them to seek the assistance of industry experts. Otherwise, ineffective advertising will cost you dearly.

The way lead generation companies UK is quite simple. They not only help companies create warm leads from prospective customers who are scouting the internet for its products, but also ensure that the customers only find a particular company and not end up buying the products and services offered by your competitors. The professional marketing teams at lead generation companies help companies regulate their marketing cost while generating lead and help them save money in the process. They establish an online identity on behalf of a business and increase online presence specifically to generate leads for a business. They identify prospective customers, generate interests in them regarding products and services and convince them to meet your sales executives or at least request a quotation. The lead generated in such a manner is thus transferred to the sales department and converted into sale.

So, if you too are a victim of ineffective advertising and want to scale the heights of success by making the process of generating lead and transforming them into sale hassle free, then consider outsourcing the process to a reliable lead generation company.


How Social Media Is Used to Help Businesses Succeed

The main reason to use social media is to help drive traffic to your website, in order to find and convert web searchers into customers. When most people think of social media, they automatically think of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. However, there is more to social media than posting or tweeting on these social media platforms.

Social Media Services

In order to be successful in using social media to promote your products or services, there needs to be a well thought out social media strategy. Making random posts or tweets will not help you find the customers you need to increase your company’s profitability. Instead, a strategy has to be formulated that integrates all social media services to meet business goals.

Social Media Management

A social media company will come up with a marketing strategy that uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to help promote your business, build its brand and drive more traffic to your company’s website. The posts or tweets that are published may include links to shareable content on your website, offer discounts on products, or interact with customers by responding to their questions.

To be successful with social media, certain sites will be better for promoting your business, and an experienced social media manager will know which sites to use. For a software company, LinkedIn may be a better choice than Facebook. A bakery may find posting images on Instagram or Pinterest to be more successful than sending tweets, so your social media manager will create the necessary accounts and manage the posts on those sites.

Blog Management

Content is an important part of a social media campaign, because it will help drive traffic to your website when links to content are posted on your social media accounts. One of the best ways to create shareable content is by having a blog on your website. Although you may not have time to write blog posts, the social media company you hire can regularly post professionally written blogs and link to them on your social media platforms.

Strategy Analysis

In order to meet your company’s goals, you have to determine if a marketing strategy is producing the results you need. If it isn’t, you have to find out why and make adjustments to the strategy in order to start producing the necessary results. There are tools that help analyse how well a marketing campaign is doing, and a social media manager will know how to use them to produce the results your business needs to succeed.

By properly using social media and formulating strategies, a social media manager can help build a community of followers for your accounts. This community may be made up of customers, potential customers, admirers of your business and influencers. They will know how to interact with the community, how to use services to form a cohesive marketing campaign, and how to convert some of those followers into paying customers to help make your business more profitable.


Top Reasons to Install a New Garage Door

As a homeowner, you need to ensure that your home is looking for the best. Your garage door is one of the best investments that you can make for your home. However, replacing the garage door is one decision that you should not take lightly, here are some reasons why you need to install new garage doors –

Door Responds Slowly

The garage door should take just a couple of seconds to open or close when you hire the button. With time, you might notice the current garage door responds slowly when you try to raise or lower it. If you see a delay, whether a small or a big one, it might be time to get your door checked and replaced by a professional.

Noisy Doors

An efficient garage door should be smooth and quiet. But, if you notice that the garage door is becoming noisier day by day, it might be because of many different factors. Noise from your garage door is not just an annoyance; it can mean that there is something more wrong with the garage door than what it seems. If the noise when opening or closing the door becomes much noticeable, it is best to get the garage door replaced.

Garage Door Design Gets Obsolete Too

A garage door is one of the prominent parts of your house facing the street. When you installed the door, it was of the latest design and looks great. However, they not always remain new and become old quite fast. If you have recently renovated your home, you need to install modern garage doors that will look complement your house and enhance its appeal.

Safety Issues

Garage doors help keep your garage safe and secured. They prevent others from breaking-in and stealing from your house. If you have an old garage door, anyone can hack into it and get inside. To avoid problems of safety, you need to install garage doors with the latest technology. If you are worried about your safety, it might be time to get some new garage doors herriman ut.

Damaged Doors

Dents and dings on the garage doors due to collisions, storms or other factors can damage the garage doors over time. While it is possible to manage them for a few years, there comes a time when the problem will become overwhelming. If you do not want the garage doors to completely breakdown, it might be time to get new garage doors.
Malfunctioning and Breakdown

If the garage doors malfunctions, you need to decide whether you need to repair the doors or replace them altogether. While a few minor repairs are excellent, if the problem persists and the cost of the repairs becomes exorbitant, it is best to replace them altogether.

High Energy Bills

If your garage door is not insulated properly, it means that you are losing air conditioning cooling from it. It will also mean that your energy bills will be high. If you want to stop the problem, you need to ensure that you install the newest garage doors and get it installed by professionals.

When picking new garage doors, it is best to look for doors that match your needs and style. You also need to ensure that they are well within your budget. Also, pick a company that can not only help you pick the right garage doors but also install it properly.