The Truth about Professional Printing and its Benefits


Many people hold to the misconception that sending printing out is often the more expensive option but this is certainly not the case except in highly specific situations. The cost of ink for desktop printers is significantly higher per litre than any other option, making it often the costliest way to print in bulk. While doing your own printing may be perfect for small quantities, any business or organisation that is planning to print off more than 50 pages should look to a professional for the service instead of relying on office printers.

Business cards, multi-part forms, fliers, stationery, and much more are jobs that are significantly more cost-effective when outsourced to a professional printing company. This is due in no small part to the fact that they get their ink for a much lower price, allowing them to save you money in turn. After all, they understand that you are attempting to save money here and they will do whatever is possible to ensure that this is exactly what you get to do whenever you utilise their services.

Paper Quality

One of the most important advantages offered by a printing professional is that they have specialised resources at their disposal that allow them to offer you higher-quality paper at a great price. This can actually be seen in a number of ways but having the best-quality paper at your disposal should remain a high priority, especially for such things as personalised stationery and business cards. There are many different types of printing papers available that few company offices tend to have on hand and the quality of the paper has a big role in the end result of the print project.

For example, you may choose between gloss, metallic, and matte paper, each with varied degrees of colour saturation and reflection. Some are better suited for bright and vibrant displays while others are more suitable for colours that are darker in nature. Regardless of your design requirements, you can visit to learn more and to speak with a qualified representative.

Printing Quality and Options

In addition to having more paper choices, the sheer quality of the printing will immediately be improved when you call on a professional printing service. This will also open you up to more options that would not be possible with any classic office printer, even if you have one of the modern units with multiple new gadgets attached. Professionals have access to specialty printing machinery that can be used to enhance end products and offer advanced options such as lamination, custom frames, and surface texturing that may not be available in an office.


Professional printers have access to printers capable of producing large quantities of prints in a short period of time, allowing for faster print turnaround whenever you have a rush order. This is critical for events on the horizon that require fliers, posters, and other prints that will promote your products or services. No matter if you want to hand out fliers or send letters on official stationery, you can ensure that your prints are beautiful and high-quality if you call on a print company for the help.