Top Reasons You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer


The challenges of going through financial hardships are such that they cannot be easily expressed to anyone as the whole experience is draining. No one ever wakes up proud to be in a deep financial hole which leaves them with no option but to either file for bankruptcy or be at the mercy of debtors. While it is evident that you have no money to be spending around, tough times call for tough measures, and the best bet you have is to seek professional assistance.  You might be hesitant for a while considering all the pressures surrounding you but settling for legal guidance counts as one of the best decisions you will ever make during this period.

Not every attorney is a refuge during these challenging periods, and that is why you must specifically look for a bankruptcy lawyer experienced in the niche segment. Claribel Padilla has proven her worth as a pillar for people going through financial woes and is never out of the right strategies to see you through all the challenges. If you are wondering why you need the services of a bankruptcy lawyer then the following key benefits might make you have second thoughts;

  1. Proper planning as there are other alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. A personal evaluation of your current financial situation might get you thinking that filing for bankruptcy is the only way to achieve peace, but this is not always the case. An attorney will have an in-depth view of your current condition and analyze all factors using each element to determine the efficiency of the decision. It is possible to find greater joy when directed to another alternative that works perfectly for your situation without having to declare bankruptcy.
  2. The right channel to file for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy code is a set of rules that determine the conditions under which you can file for bankruptcy. While it is not a legal requirement to have an attorney for this process, you are better off having an expert to direct you on which chapters to make use of for your case. One such case scenario is the vast difference between someone chapter 7 and chapter 15 bankruptcy filing which all deal with distinct issues guided by the factors at hand.

The endless paperwork involved in filing for bankruptcy can also be overwhelming, but an attorney will make it a smooth process with the odds of acceptance greatly enhanced.

  1. Post-bankruptcy violations by debtors. Most debt collectors never have a stop button and will keep pushing you even when it is against the law to do so. Having an attorney by your side will see to it that you never have to deal with creditors while at a disadvantage. They will instead be a shield against the never-ending harassment by collectors who depending on the factors at hand a suitable settlement plan will be agreed upon.

Hiring a competent bankruptcy lawyer gives you an extra advantage at a time when the odds are against you. The advice provided throughout this period by the attorney will also be vital in ensuring you never become a victim of similar circumstances in the future.