3 Tips For Choosing The Best Forklift Rental In Charleston


Forklifts are versatile industrial vehicles that are known for their material handling capabilities and ability to cater to all known industrial sectors.

Some of the most common applications of a forklift are as follows:-

  • Pallet handling – this occurs usually in warehouses and related material storage facilities
  • Paper reel handling – this occurs typically in printing presses owned by publishing houses and newspaper companies
  • Beverage handling – this occurs typically in the loading bays of companies that are associated with the manufacturing and supply of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Now, irrespective of the type of business you own, if it has a warehouse or a loading bay, you need to have forklifts at your disposal. Buying them is a financial liability but renting them from a renowned company that offers forklift rental Charleston SC services, is the way of the wise.

On that note, how can you choose the best forklift rental company when the time to do so arrives, especially when the internet is riddled with information about so many service providers?

Well, that is easy!

All you would need to do is keep the following things in mind:-

On-site delivery, assistance, and operator should be included in the package

Okay, it is evident that at a glance the equipment offered by all forklift rental companies will be functional but it is also important for you to choose one that offers – 

  • On-site equipment delivery
  • On-site assistance (in case of breakdowns) and
  • Skilled equipment operators (in case you don’t have people to operate a forklift under your payroll).

This is the primary difference between an ideal forklift rental company and a sub-standard one. Hence, before closing the deal, read the agreement document carefully.

Choose a service provider that offers mint condition equipment

Ensure that the forklift rental company you have chosen or about to choose keeps their equipment in their prime operational condition by subjecting them to periodic preventative maintenance.

On that note, most of the time, a forklift rental company will charge you in case you return their equipment with damages. Hence, to steer clear from this scenario, you would need to ensure that the equipment that is being delivered to you is free from issues, both visible and hidden.

It is always a good idea to choose a service provider that offers insured equipment

Forklifts fall under the category of ‘heavy industrial equipment’ hence they need to be insured in a bid to ensure that both the equipment owners and the ones using them are protected in case of an accident that may or may lead to personal injury or property damage.

Hence, it is wise to hire a forklift rental company that has at least a basic insurance coverage for the company itself, its operators as well as the equipment it rents out to its customers. 

One of the primary reasons why you should refrain from buying forklifts and instead choose to rent them out from a reliable forklift rental company is the money you will be saving. How? Well, you would not need to care for more industrial equipment as forklifts also need periodic preventative maintenance – which costs lots of money. Just be sure to keep the tips mentioned in the sections above while choosing a forklift rental company and you will be sorted.