Tips to Plan a Perfect Marketing Strategy for Your Exhibition Booth

Are you going to have your own brand’s stall at a trade fair? Looking for a perfect strategy to make the most of this opportunity? Well, owning your own booth in a fair can create a threatening situation specifically if you are still not ready with your team and most importantly a good marketing strategy. Stressing, isn’t it?

A perfect plan made with keeping all the things even the tiniest detail in mind and keeping a good sales strategy can actually help you to get as many customers as possible. However, these kinds of fairs are more beneficial than digital marketing as you can understand the real requirement of the client more efficiently while having a live communication than interacting digitally with so many barriers. Furthermore, ExpoMarketing is an exciting way to expand business networking and making your business relations last for long by having face-to-face interactions. So, to get the best possible results of getting your own stall in an exhibition follow the following tips to prepare a full-proof plan for successful marketing-

  1. Pick Up The Right Exhibition:-

Trade fairs have become so famous that you can have aplenty of events happening in the whole world. Well, it is up to you to choose the most beneficial exhibition so that you can have a worthwhile investment. And for that, you need to do a lot of research about the fair and pick up the event that is more relevant to your objectives, where you can get the right audience and achieve whatever you wish for. Moreover, you need to be aware of the total attendee numbers and the particular demographics to get an idea of the response of that particular exhibition.

  1. Locate Your Booth On The Most Appropriate Position:-

After deciding on the exhibition you are going to have a booth on, the next thing you have to do is reserve an appropriate space/position for your stall. Well, it is better to reserve the position at the earliest in order to get the space near the various leaders of the industry so that you can locate your booth at the prime location in order to attract the maximum count of customers so that the customers recognize you as a well-established brand. Furthermore, you can have a small visit on the exhibition site prior to the exhibition in order to decide for the perfect location that is capable enough to high highlight construction of your exhibition stand

  1. Impactful Designs:-

To make this opportunity a huge success, try to make your booth the most fascinating spot in the whole exhibition. And for that, you can add a lot of things like distinctive designs, display banners, and engaging activities. Well, you can also plan a specific booth theme that can draw the attention of maximum people.

An absolutely perfect marketing strategy hits a big achievement in increasing your brand awareness and growing even a stronger customer base.


Know your financial goals and risk profile potential before investing

Return generation through a mix of dividend income and capital appreciation, primarily through investment in a well-diversified value stock portfolio. However, there can be no certainty or guarantee that the scheme’s investment target will be achieved. You will not receive any dividend. Your investment will get the most significant benefit of compounding.

ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund is an equity-value fund and belongs to ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. It was released on 01-Jan-2013 and now has an AUM of 14,728.88 crores. The ICICI Prudential, Value Discovery Fund, is benchmarked against the NIFTY 50 – TRI as the primary index and the NIFTY500 value 50 as the – TRI as the secondary index. ICICI Prudential, Value Discovery Fund, led by Mrinal Singh and Priyanka Khandelwal.

ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund:

  • 87.12% investment in Indian stocks
  • 63.1% is in large-cap stocks
  • 17.48% is in mid-cap stocks
  • 3.43% in small-cap stocks
  • 3.7% investment in Debt
  • 3.69% in Government securities.

The best investment for a medium risk investor

  • If your risk profile is moderate, then you should mostly invest in multi-cap mutual funds. You can also add large-cap mutual funds if you want to reduce the overall risk in the portfolio.
  • If you invest in value-oriented plans, tax saving schemes, small-cap schemes, first, the small-cap scheme does not fit your risk profile. They are intended for active buyers with high risk and volatility tolerance.
  • The ICICI Prudential, Value Discovery Fund, is a value-oriented scheme. For a while, value-oriented schemes endured a rough patch. The ICICI Prudential Quality Discovery Fund has also been underperforming for some time. However, the track record of the plan and the success of the entire group make it difficult to call the plan.
  • It is a medium to the high-risk scheme as an equity scheme so that investors will remain committed to long term gains. The fund has adopted a valuation-conscious stock selection strategy. The fund has taken the little risk of underperformance in fast-paced and growth-oriented markets due to a higher concentration on valuation components.
  • It is a multi-cap fund that invests in available companies at fair or low-intrinsic value. In the current liquidity-driven market, it is essential to avoid stocks with high valuations. Therefore, a scheme of this nature with a simple parameter of selection is suitable for investors, especially if the markets are heading towards a prolonged slowdown.

Know your investment goals before investing

Adopt an investment strategy focused on goals. Identify various financial goals, evaluate the cost of achieving those goals, and provide for annual inflation and taxes to achieve realistic goals.

Invest in bond mutual funds for short term goals. To achieve your long-term financial goals, you can invest in equity schemes that fit your risk profile. Consider hiring a mutual fund manager if you consider it a significant task.

Investors have macro-trend knowledge and prefer to take a targeted risk for higher returns relative to other equity funds. At the same time, even if the overall market is outperforming, these investors should also be prepared for the possibility of moderate to high losses on their investments.


Search marketing: what really works?

If you are searching for a convenient and an effective method to boost the traffic generated by your website, you can take a look at search engine marketing. It can deliver quick results to you. However, it is also better if you can have background knowledge on how to go ahead with search marketing and receive the best possible results offered by it.

What exactly is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is the process of displaying paid advertisements to appear on the search engine results pages. When you search for something on Google, you will be able to see few search results highlighted at the top of organic search results. These advertisements are visible due to search engine marketing.

When it comes to search engine marketing, advertisers go ahead and bid on the keywords. Then advertisements of them related to the keywords will be displayed on the top of search engine results pages. These advertisements are also known as Pay Per Click ads.

You can discover Pay Per Click ads in many different formats as well. In most of the instances, they look identical to the search results listings that you can see after doing a search on the search engine.

You can think about going forward with search engine marketing because it provides you with the opportunity to place your advertisement in front of motivated customers. These customers are ready to do business transactions with you. You just need to make your business visible to them with the help of search engine marketing. No other advertising medium has the ability to deliver results that are identical to search engine marketing. Hence, you can call it as one of the best methods available to ensure the growth of your business.

What’s the difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimization?

Before you proceed with search engine marketing, you need to have a better understanding about the difference that exist in between SEO and SEM. Then you can proceed with your campaigns without coming across any confusion.

SEM refers to the process of displaying paid advertisements for your business on the search engine results pages. In here, you will have to make a payment to get your advertisements displayed. On the other hand, you don’t have to make a payment to boost your search engine rankings and display them on top of search engine results pages with SEO.

SEO can take a considerable amount of time to deliver positive results. You will have to remain dedicated to your SEO strategy and work on it to receive the best results as well. If you are in need of quick results and if you are willing to spend your money for it, you can take a look at search engine marketing.

How to run an effective search engine marketing campaign?

With the basic understanding of search engine marketing you have, let’s take a look at the process that you should follow in order to run an effective search engine marketing campaign.

Keyword research

Keyword research can be considered as the base of a search engine marketing campaign. Every search engine marketing campaign should start with a proper keyword research. This is where you are encouraged to think about seeking the assistance of a proper keyword research tool. It can provide an excellent overall assistance to you with creating a keyword management strategy.

During the extensive research, you need to make sure that you are identifying keywords relevant to your business. You need to do that from the perspective of potential customers. Along with that, you will be able to create an effective list of keywords to move forward with.

Account structure

After the keyword research, you will need to focus on the account structure. In here, you will need to think about creating a proper account structure with logical keyword grouping. This should never be ignored because it has the ability to deliver higher click through rates to you at the end of the day. In addition to that, you will be able to receive the best results for the amount that you spend as well.

Bidding on the keywords

Once you are equipped with all the details, you can proceed to the ad auction. It is better if you can have a basic understanding on how the ad auction is working. Along with that, you can figure out how to win the ad auction as well. Along with that, you will be able to display your advertisements.

Always keep in mind that you will have to make an investment to receive positive results with search engine marketing. However, the money you spend on the campaign is totally worth when compared to the results that you can secure at the end of the day.

Outreaching for Guest Post

Something that really works is to outreach bloggers for Guest Post. There is a website where you find easily partners for guest posting. You can access the link here


5 Ways to Shape Your Market’s Perception of Your Brand

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies must endeavor to build value to their brands and translate that value into a strategic communicative effort to their customers. The democratization of the marketplace means brands must continue to distinguish themselves from their competitors, which is a challenging feat unto itself.

A crucial way that brands can build positive brand perception is to build a brand identity strategy through the shared experience. Brands and consumers participate in this shared experience through expectations, memories and relationships.

While primarily a mental creation, brand perception drives consumer decision to correspond to a particular brand, product or service.

Measuring brand perception

To measure brand perception, it is important for companies to understand that this mental creation is built by the consumer. Brands can better understand what people think and say about their products or services by analyzing social conversations.

Analyzing social conversations helps brands identify which sentiments consumers relate to a brand’s products or campaigns. Social metrics are valuable insights into how brands can identify strengths and weaknesses, reshaping and positively reinforcing market perception.

To build consumer trust in this competitive landscape, brands must strategically shape the market perception, identifying and targeting opportunities to “own” a marketing niche. To carve out a respective market share, here are some ways for companies to create stronger brand positioning.

1. Market research

Perform analysis to better position your brand within the competitive landscape.

A thorough analysis will identify strengths as well as challenges to address. Effective market research will also identify present/future threats to your brand’s market perception, highlighting direct and indirect competitors and opportunities to better serve your customers.

Market research will provide invaluable information on how effective your marketing campaigns are. Gathering data on marketing campaigns will enable your brand to design marketing initiatives that reach your target audience(s) where they are.

When looking to strategically scale the business, market research will identify which new channels (physical stores, new product features, enhanced services, etc.) will optimally grow the business.

2. Brand identity

Measure brand perception to develop a strong brand identity that will resonate with your target audience(s).

Effective branding is crucial in building your brand’s market perception. Your brand identity is how you portray your business, products or services to the world and respective competitors.

Your brand communicates through various platforms:

  • Logo
  • Tone of voice
  • Signage

Developing a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience can positively influence purchasing decisions. It will also serve to help audiences differentiate your company, appropriately positioning your brand against its competitors. An effective brand identity ensures your audience can connect with your brand, instilling customer loyalty and trust.

3. Multi-channel engagement

Know how to effectively communicate your brand stories to build trust and favorably sway your brand’s market perception.

The continuously evolving digital landscape has created new avenues for brands to engage in social conversations. In today’s internet-driven era, embedding your brand in social conversations can only be effectively done through multi-channel engagement.

It has become increasingly important that brands are present where their customers are.

Awareness and accessibility are intangible to market perception. Today’s consumer looks to form bonds with a brand before employing their purchasing decision. Connecting on the right platforms, whether that’s on social media or targeted email campaigns, tailors your brand’s market perception, creating greater influence on a consumer’s purchasing decision.

Using a consistent, content-driven and multi-channel approach to shape the market’s perception of your brand can result in a seamless customer experience, influencing purchasing decisions favorably towards your brand.

Understanding your USP

Positively shaping market perception starts with identifying your brand’s unique selling point (USP).

Having a clear USP provides the following advantages:

  • Distinguishes your brand from its competitors
  • Provides a clear direction for your brand
  • Enables you to favorably sway customers towards your products or services
  • Assists your brand in bringing value and building consumer trust — two key drivers to shaping market perception.

Applying the strategies highlighted above will enable your brand to carve out a unique identity, creating positive brand perception in a competitive marketplace.


Stuart Harris is the Creative Director at Yellow, a Dubai branding agency, digital partner and advertising company working with progressive businesses to build bold, meaningful brands.


Surprising benefits of social media you can look forward

Though the concept of social media monitoring has been existent for some time, but still it has not got the credit it deserves. It would be really difficult to pinpoint the exact reason behind this; an underestimation of insurance social listening could have a role to play.

Marketers are not fully in a position to comprehend social listening skills. The best part about this strategy is that it is flexible and you can put it to use for various purposes. The tools needed for social media listening are not only available with large business houses, but even the small ones.

Yes you can consider that the goals would differ across competitors, for example for a superior brand reputation management would be important, whereas for a new company being launched it is all about how to make inroads into the market.

No matter whatever strategy you adopt social listening skills and ORM insurance is expected to benefit your business. Let us explore some of the less obvious ways by which you can use social media listening useful for freelancers and even budding business houses.

Social listening skills pave way for lead generation

What appears to be the goal of any business? The key would be to achieve profits and be useful. For a new business it is all about lead generation and conversion.

With current levels of competition in the market it is really difficult to come across new clients for your start up. This is in spite of the fact with a wide array of digital marketing strategies and SEO; it becomes really difficult to get across the message. With brands having the same budget things are expected to become a lot difficult.

For a small business budget appears to be a major point of consideration. They need to achieve outputs by spending less. To sum it up they need a higher ROI. As far as lead generation evolves social media does not have a favourable response. Brands feel that it goes on to develop self-awareness but as far as lead generation in terms of ROI is concerned response is bad.

This is a statement evoking a lot of debate as a general feeling is that it would be applicable to certain industries. But social media works out to be viable channel where you can figure out customers who are really interested in your service or products and convert them to sales.

Just look out for people who are seeking out recommendations to a product on similar lines as yours. Sometimes they could be even complaining about your customers. You can interact with them on an immediate basis, find out their queries and pitch your service or product.

As per experts this is a social media marketing strategy which is not used. This means that in order to do the same thing you need not be competing with a lot of brands.

To work on this strategy you need a little bit of creativity as you need to take stock of various social media monitoring tools.


Nadine Gourkow Looks at the Best Snack Foods


Whether you are looking to grab something on your way out the door, something salty, something healthy, or simply looking for a late night snack, Nadine Gourkow has got you covered. Since we don’t all have time to always sit down and eat, manufacturers have made snack-sized versions of all your favourites. So, you may be looking for a chocolate fix, a salty fix, or maybe a little bit of both. You have more than a handful of choices and it may be hard to pick the best of the best.

Sweet and Savory Snacks

So, let us set the scene. You just got home from work and you are on the way to your kid’s soccer game. Both you and your kid want a little something to tide you over until you get home for dinner. Fortunately for you, we have a list of some of the best things to stuff in your gullet until you can sit down with the family for a nice evening meal.

  1. Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar – Do you want to have some chips, but not feel too bad about it? Then Sun Chips are your answer. While claiming to be baked, we can still taste a little bit of oil or grease on them. We tend to think they are cooked with the minimum amount of grease and maybe baked so they can make that claim. Either way, they have been proven to be heart healthy as well as some of the most delicious chips on the market. Pick up one of those 24 or 48 packs of them and grab one on your way out the door.
  2. Philadelphia Multigrain Bagel Chips and Cream Cheese – These are perfect for an office snack in the late afternoon before you head out to do the afternoon chores. We really didn’t know we needed this invention until we bought it. You will find after just one purchase, you will be a little obsessed with them. The great part about it is that they are not too bad for you and they taste amazing.
  3. Sargento Balanced Breaks Natural White Cheddar Cheese with Almonds and Dried Cranberries – By far the healthiest option on our list. If there was one thing in the package that we would have to say was not too great for you, it would be the cheddar cheese. However, cheese is a great option if you are trying to get extra protein in your diet or maybe even a little extra dairy. At any rate, the almonds are a very welcome addition to this adult version of snack packs.
  4. Del Monte Fruit Refreshers Mandarin Oranges in Coconut Water – You can never really go wrong with fruit cups. Yes, sometimes they are packed with extra preservatives, but it still beats having a chocolate bar or some fries from McDonald’s.


There you have it, some of the best snacks that get Nadine Gourkow through her day. Make sure that you eat in moderation any of these snacks. No need to have the extra calories this close to the holidays.


How to start an email marketing campaign for business

The digital world that we all live in means that businesses have to be aware of all aspects of digital marketing if they are to prosper. From social media marketing to making your website rank higher when someone uses a search engine, your business needs to be on the digital ball to succeed.

A popular method of marketing in the digital age is to use email. It involves creating and sending a marketing email to current customers and new leads to highlight special offers and to describe and market your services. Valentino Vaschetto is a marketing expert working at leading tech company Iconic Industry and appreciates how essential email marketing is for modern business. He shares Iconic Industry’s vision when it comes to email marketing and digital marketing as a whole.

Simple steps to start an email campaign

If you have never run an email campaign for your business before the below tips will help.

Step 1: Collect email addresses

It is thought that there are 269 billion emails sent each day. Of course, they all need an address to go to! This means that the first step you need to undertake is to collect a list of email addresses from your website, blog or other marketing methods. Just be careful of GDPR and make sure you get explicit consent to do this if the person resides in an EU country!

Step 2: Set goals

Before you start composing and sending your emails, stop to think about what you are trying to achieve. Is this email campaign to inform about company news or to tell the recipient about a special offer they might be interested in? You also need to set out what the parameters for the email campaign are in terms of what will constitute a success and what you expect to get from it.

Step 3: Craft a great subject line

If there is one part of email marketing that causes most grief, then it is coming up with a great subject line. That is what the person who gets the mail will see first and is the main driver as to whether they will open it and read further. Try to keep it short and clear about what the mail is about – also, don’t type in all caps or use spammy phrases like ‘buy now.’

Step 5: Consider using software to make it easier

There are many popular email marketing software packages like Mailchimp that make email marketing easier. They make it simple to import your addresses, write your emails and conduct the whole campaign. They will also make it easy to track the success of it and your open rates which is vital for future plans.

Email marketing is not dead

With the recent advances in digital marketing, some people think that email marketing has had its day. This couldn’t be further from the truth! By the end of 2019, it is expected that three billion people globally will use email. With that in mind, running an email campaign makes perfect business sense.


4 guaranteed benefits a Gantt chart will bring to your marketing campaign planning

If you are engaged in project management activity, it’s highly likely that you know what a Gantt chart is. But what if you don’t? From this article, you’ll learn what kind of a chart it is and why it is helpful in marketing campaigns.

What is a Gantt chart?

A Gantt chart is a chart with two axes. Those axes are classical horizontal and vertical lines. The first one shows a timeline or, in other words, dates. The latter one is needed for putting your tasks or activities on it. As a result, a Gantt chart shows how your tasks progress along a timeline. It is quite simple and efficient way to visualize plans. That’s why Gantt charts are so popular in tasks and project management.

If to speak in terms of digital project management, this is the case of special software that is called Gantt chart software. The processes here are automated so everyone will be able to manage tasks like a professional project manager.

What can you do with the help of a Gantt chart?

Its primary goal is to show tasks on a timeline and how they progress. Therefore, a Gantt chart is a perfect tool for managing and meeting deadlines in a timely manner. In general, Gantt charts help to:

  • Create and manage tasks.
  • Set dependencies between tasks.
  • Set dates for assignments.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Track progress of all the tasks and the entire project.
  • Create milestones.

It’s a basic set of features. In theory, every Gantt chart tool should possess it. But of course, there are many advanced solutions in the market that offer a variety of additional great features: resource management, team collaboration, costs management, and many others.


Due to its simplicity, Gantt charts find their application in a plethora of different spheres: software development, construction, retail, manufacture, education, consulting, event planning, etc. If you are engaged in marketing activity, you can also use a Gantt chart and the ready-made marketing campaign template. It is a Gantt chart template where all the typical of any marketing campaign tasks are already included in it. So, it’s a matter of minutes for you to start your plan on the base of the ready-made template.

How can a Gantt chart help in marketing campaigns?

There are many benefits of using Gantt charts for your activities. Let’s talk about the most vivid.

  1. A layout of your campaign

Before you launch your plan, think over every step and detail. In order to successfully fulfil your project, you have to be prepared for as many possible scenarios as possible. It will help you to define the one that will work best. After that put all the tasks and dates in your chart – that’s it! From now on, you have a visualized step-by-step plan that you should follow.

  1. Easier communication between team members

Advanced Gantt chart tools offer far more features than a simple one offers. But it is becoming a necessity for a chart to possess collaboration features as most projects exist in a team environment. Team collaboration features can include comments on tasks, attachments, notifications, mentions, and some others.

  1. Clear dates and deadlines

Due to its simplicity, a Gantt chart will help you to construct a successful marketing campaign with clear dates. The chart allows you to take a view of what needs to be completed and when it needs to be completed, so it allows you to set milestones and, what is more important, deadlines. It makes it easier for you to see when you are hitting your targets and getting closer to successful accomplishment.

  1. Defined budget

When you define your goals and objectives clearly from the start, it is easier for you to draw up a budget in advance and stick to it. You can define what resources you have alongside set costs, dates for tasks to be completed, etc. If some tasks need to be adjusted, you will see how it will impact your budget. It will allow you to react to any changes in a timely manner.

This is not the ultimate list of benefits. You can benefit to a greater or lesser extent as it depends on the Gantt chart software you choose, your purposes, and many other aspects. But in general, a Gantt chart is a helpful tool for planning any kind of campaign.


Why Is Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing

Many small enterprises find it difficult to decide which kind of marketing to pursue when looking to improve their outreach. Most of the time they’re only working off a small budget, so they can’t afford to waste money on both forms of marketing, they also need to spend money on an effective campaign. Here are some of the main reasons why digital marketing is more productive than traditional methods.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing include methods of promotion that have been around for a long period and have been used by companies to successfully advertise their products. The main types of conventional marketing techniques include:

  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Billboards

Some other forms of traditional marketing include advertisements on television and local radio stations.

Digital Marketing

With the introduction of the Internet, came a new wave of marketing techniques. These techniques came in the form of online ad campaigns and social media tools, these new forms of marketing are designed to expand commercial companies reach. For instance, there are several companies who specialise in SEO in Sydney who can create digital marketing campaigns designed to improve your search engine optimisation and marketing strategies.

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

Local & International Audience > One of the main benefits of using digital marketing is that it allows you to reach a wider audience. It allows you or an agency to design a more effective marketing campaign, it also helps with expanding your business because it helps you to reach not just your domestic market but a global community.

A downside to using traditional marketing is that you can only advertise to a local market, so if you decide to use a local radio station, you’re only able to target a small community. This means your campaign won’t be as effective and it won’t reach as many potential customers as a digital, global audience.

Better Choice > Digital marketing campaigns give your audience a choice. For example, some people like to use Facebook, while others prefer to read blogs, whichever platform you use you still have the option of receiving content on that platform. If an ad pops up that you don’t find relevant you can easily close the windows and continue what you were doing. Traditional forms of marketing don’t give customer that choice.

Interaction > Traditional marketing doesn’t promote interactions with your audience, whereas digital marketing allows you to speak and receive instant feedback from your target market. You can also encourage your customers to follow your site, rate your products & services, and read about new items. They can keep up to date with new trends, allowing you to gather real time feedback.

There are advantages to using both digital and traditional forms of marketing in unisons, but if you are running a small enterprise and can’t afford to pay for both, digital marketing campaigns are far more effective. Digital marketing helps you to interact with your clients, it provides more choices, and allows your company to reach a much wider audience.


Why Thinking Local is the Way to go with Web Design

When it comes to creating a business website, it’s tempting to think big. After all, the internet is a huge place, with billions of users, so you’ll want your website to stand out from the crowd. Every business website needs a healthy amount of traffic if it’s going to succeed, so search engine optimization (or SEO) is key to bringing in those visitors.

How does SEO work? It involves carefully tweaking your website, from the written content right the way down to the code itself, in a way that appeals to search engines. These search engines use so-called “bots” to scan web pages, in order to decide who comes out on top in search results. Their aim is to provide users with the most relevant results, so it’s your job to work with them to ensure that your site fits what they are looking for.

However, SEO is easier said than done. Search engines like Google are always changing the algorithms their bots use to scan pages. While certain basic principles, such as a suitable density of particular keywords and making the site easy to scan, will always apply, there are other factors that are tricky to keep track of. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring in an expert web design and development company to help you out. They will know all the latest tips and tricks for SEO, and will also be able to ensure that your site is totally responsive for a great user experience. After all, once people click onto your site, you’ll want them to be impressed!

At the top of this article, we mentioned that website owners have a tendency to think big. While it’s good to be ambitious, that can sometimes be a bit of a negative when it comes to SEO. It’s not enough to just focus on particular general keywords- not only will you be faced with a lot more competition from other sites across the globe, but it’s also unlikely that you will get the sort of results that you’re after.

In reality, an approach that’s too far-reaching just isn’t going to work for everyone- especially businesses that mainly deal with local customers. After all, what’s the use in reaching millions of people if only a handful of those are going to be able to make use of your services? Instead, you’ll want to think about targeted, local SEO. Again, that’s where a local web development team can help. They’ll know your local market better than anyone when it comes to web design and SEO, and will help to tailor your site to visitors in your area that you can then turn into loyal, paying customers.

For those of you in Bristol and the surrounding area, Ben Smith Design & Marketing is the perfect solution to your SEO woes. As local experts, they’ll help create a site that’s geared towards your ideal visitors: customers in your area, with a need for your services. By teaming up with the very best, you can rest assured that your Bristol business has a website that you can depend on. By utilizing the full power of local SEO, you’ll soon see incredible results- so give them a try today!