Why Is Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing


Many small enterprises find it difficult to decide which kind of marketing to pursue when looking to improve their outreach. Most of the time they’re only working off a small budget, so they can’t afford to waste money on both forms of marketing, they also need to spend money on an effective campaign. Here are some of the main reasons why digital marketing is more productive than traditional methods.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing include methods of promotion that have been around for a long period and have been used by companies to successfully advertise their products. The main types of conventional marketing techniques include:

  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Billboards

Some other forms of traditional marketing include advertisements on television and local radio stations.

Digital Marketing

With the introduction of the Internet, came a new wave of marketing techniques. These techniques came in the form of online ad campaigns and social media tools, these new forms of marketing are designed to expand commercial companies reach. For instance, there are several companies who specialise in SEO in Sydney who can create digital marketing campaigns designed to improve your search engine optimisation and marketing strategies.

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

Local & International Audience > One of the main benefits of using digital marketing is that it allows you to reach a wider audience. It allows you or an agency to design a more effective marketing campaign, it also helps with expanding your business because it helps you to reach not just your domestic market but a global community.

A downside to using traditional marketing is that you can only advertise to a local market, so if you decide to use a local radio station, you’re only able to target a small community. This means your campaign won’t be as effective and it won’t reach as many potential customers as a digital, global audience.

Better Choice > Digital marketing campaigns give your audience a choice. For example, some people like to use Facebook, while others prefer to read blogs, whichever platform you use you still have the option of receiving content on that platform. If an ad pops up that you don’t find relevant you can easily close the windows and continue what you were doing. Traditional forms of marketing don’t give customer that choice.

Interaction > Traditional marketing doesn’t promote interactions with your audience, whereas digital marketing allows you to speak and receive instant feedback from your target market. You can also encourage your customers to follow your site, rate your products & services, and read about new items. They can keep up to date with new trends, allowing you to gather real time feedback.

There are advantages to using both digital and traditional forms of marketing in unisons, but if you are running a small enterprise and can’t afford to pay for both, digital marketing campaigns are far more effective. Digital marketing helps you to interact with your clients, it provides more choices, and allows your company to reach a much wider audience.