Let Your Business Outshine the Competition


Great neon signs not only make it clear what you have to offer to anyone travelling within a kilometre of your business but they improve the appearance and professionalism of a business. A good sign may be the driving reason behind as much as 50% of your daily foot traffic and as such, it is imperative that you not only choose a highly visible and aesthetically pleasing piece but also one interesting enough to stand out from the competition. Having such a sign in place is an investment into the betterment of your company and will quickly be returned to you as you see your visitor count increase.


Quality storefront signs and nameplates in E3 allow you to make it clear what type of experience guests should expect from walking into your building whether you own and manage a restaurant or operate a retail store. You may choose to have your company logo or branding colours incorporated into the sign or use certain colours to catch the eyes of potential customers as they pass by the building. No matter what you use the sign for, your design options are limited only by your imagination and the size of your budget.

Simple Installation

The experts who provide you with beautiful neon signage will ensure that every step of the process is completed in as little time as possible so that you can return to regular operations as soon as you can. This is your chance to create something completely tailored to your unique needs so that no other business on the planet will have a sign that is the same in any way.