Security through Seals


When you are shipping or mailing anything in a container that you want to make sure will be kept shut during transport, using a security seal is one way to keep things safe. Not only will these seals provide some security but they will also make it obvious if someone has tampered with the container during shipment. Storage containers, chemical drums, utility meters, and truck trailers are all commonly sealed with security seals. Relying on these for safety and tamper evidence is a smart move for any business.

How to Use

There are two main types of security seals in Melbourne. These are reusable and single-use seals. The single-use seals are generally made of plastic or a lightweight metal and are easy to dispose of. They rely on the material to keep the item closed and secure.

Reusable security seals usually have some sort of mechanical or electronic component to them that generates a unique number whenever it is sealed. Employees can write down this number and then easily be able to tell if the seal has been opened along the way. Each time the seal is opened, the number will change so it is very obvious if anything has been tampered with.


While a lot of companies rely on security seals to keep their information and products secure, there are some vulnerabilities with them that need to be addressed. How effective they are at keeping things secure is directly related to how well people follow the protocols when using them. These protocols include storage, recording the numbers (in case of reusable seals), installation, disposal, inspection, and training. If employees have not been trained completely on how to use these seals, then the numbers that they write down are useless.

With good training and information about the importance of using the security seals correctly, businesses can rest assured that even the most basic seal will work and keep information safe. On the other hand, without proper training, it won’t matter how advanced the seal is as not using it correctly will negate its benefits.

Custom Seals

In addition to being able to buy bulk lots of different size seals, companies can opt to have some that are custom printed with their information. This is a great way to distinguish your seals from others and in case of any tampering, the switch or problem will be immediately apparent. Custom-printed seals will often contain the business logo and name, barcodes for scanning before departure and after arrival, and sequential numbering for logging and tracking the seals easily.

If your company ever sends sensitive information or products and wants to guarantee that everything will arrive safe and without any tampering, then investing in custom security seals is a great first step to take. No system is perfect, however, and it’s imperative that everyone who works with these seals is properly trained on procedures and understands the importance of following them. With custom seals and highly trained employees, you can rest assured in the safety of your shipments.