3 Tips to Reduce Disruption During an Office Move


There are many different reasons a business may need to undergo an office move. Whether your business has grown too large for its current space, whether you’re downsizing, or even if you just want a new and more modern workspace, an office move has the potential to be highly disruptive. Although it presents a great opportunity for a fresh start, if you’re not careful then moving office can see you losing staff, customers and your business’s identity. Here are some tips on how to plan your move in order to avoid these pitfalls.

  1. Out of Office Hours

One of the best ways to reduce the disruption of a move is to do as much as possible outside of your office working hours. This not only allows you to continue business as usual during the day, it reduces the stress placed on your workforce as they are not subjected to noisy distractions whilst they are attempting to work. The best removals are those which are done with the least interruption to your business’s ability to function, so you should aim to reduce the amount of packing and moving as much as possible whilst your business is operating. Seek a professional removals team who can make your move as swift and painless as possible.

  1. Keep Staff in The Loop

Another way that you can reduce the strain of an office move on your workforce is to keep them well informed of your plans and schedule. If everyone is aware of what is happening and when, they can mentally prepare themselves and therefore face less disruption when the moving day comes. This will also allow them the time to pack up their desks and take home any personal items that they have in the office. An office move can be an unsettling time for staff, but by keeping them in the loop you can make them feel like a valued part of your team.

  1. Don’t Let Communications Falter

One of the hardest things when undergoing an office move is to maintain your channels of communication, both internally and externally. Having downtime on your emails, networks or phone lines can be incredibly damaging to business, as it may mean you missing out on new custom, angering your current customer base, or alienating and frustrating your staff. For this reason, you must take this into account when planning your move. A removals manager should be able to help you ensure your business operations can continue right up until the moment of the move. Ensure there is always a phone line that is still operational so that you don’t miss out on any essential calls. If you are concerned that your move may still have a negative impact on your ability to communicate with customers, you should make it clear to them that you are going through a relocation and express your apologies. This can be achieved through a voicemail recording or automated replies to emails. This also provides you with the opportunity to let your customers know where you are moving to.

When it comes to moving office, ensuring that you create as little disruption to your staff, customers and business is paramount. By planning ahead and communicating clearly, you can guarantee that any disturbance is kept to a minimum.