The Benefits of Using Posters for Promotional Advertising


Although internet marketing is more commonly used to promote businesses, traditional marketing methods are still effective. If your church is having a bazaar or your business is promoting a special, hanging banners or posters placed outside the location and within the immediate vicinity can help attract business. Here are some of the other benefits of using posters for business promotions.


When you hang posters promoting a sale at your store, it can help provide more visibility to your business and build your brand. Small businesses rely on local customers stepping through their doors to make money, and posters can help attract the clientele you need. Along with putting posters in your store’s window, ask other businesses around you to hang one in their store window or on their bulletin board to build more awareness of your business.

Passive Advertising

Instead of being in your face like TV and radio ads, posters and banners are a passive form of advertising that is very effective. People walking past your business or passing by on a bus will see your business every day if it is on their regular route. Being frequently exposed to your posters will make people more likely to stop in if they see an ad they like. For instance, a poster announcing a 20% off sale on everything in the store may catch their eye and give them an incentive to visit your store.


Posters and banners are much more cost effective than other forms of print advertising such as magazine or newspaper ads. While a stack of printed posters in Fleet Street may only cost 200 or 300 hundred pounds, depending on the size and quantity, ads in newspapers and magazines may cost upwards of thousands of pounds. Although a newspaper may have a wide circulation, the ad will only run for so many days and then it will no longer be published. A poster or banner can promote your business for as long as it is hanging up.

Flexibility in Design

With posters and banners, you have the option of using different sizes, colours, and designs which can all be created for different promotions. While large posters can be made to hang in your store windows, you can also have smaller sizes printed to hang on bulletin boards in other shops, to have employees pass out on the street, or to give away at local events. You can also have posters designed to appeal to your target audience by using certain colours and font styles to grab their attention.

Posters can reinforce your online promotional efforts by having QR codes printed on them. Potential customers can use their mobile phones to get information from the QR codes, such as special pricing, and can then take it into your store to receive discounts on items they want to buy.

Your business can also have posters designed in vintage styles to create collectible posters that customers will want to buy and hang in their homes. Although it is considered an old form of advertising, posters are still effective.