Reasons to Switch to an IP PBX


An Internet Protocol (IP) Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a simple system that’s primarily used for connecting telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that helps to provide internal communications for business owners. Since this is an IP-based connection, you can also get a litany of additional features through the network such as audio, video, and instant messaging facilities via the TCP/IP protocol stack. Needless to say, the technology provides advanced communication facilities and ensures that all information packets are sent over a secure network.

In this day and age, more and more businesses are switching over to an IP PBX system. It offers a litany of advantages that you don’t get with the conventional telephone system. For one, it’s a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends for many years to come. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should consider switching over to an IP private branch exchange system.

Considerably Easier to Install

The Private Branch Exchange (PBX) runs securely on a computer through a software program. All you need to do is to use a high-powered computer and the software will be able to leverage the increase in the processing power to provide additional features. Anyone who’s got a bit of skill in managing a network can keep your PBX running smoothly without much of an issue. Installation can be completed within a couple of hours or less. On the other hand, installing a conventional telephone system requires you to hire a professional who has had training on that particular system.

Makes Management Easy

The software program used to deploy the PBX has a graphical user interface that allows you to manage it yourself without having to worry about running long codes. You can easily fine-tune your telephone system without much of an issue. The graphical user interface allows you to make as many changes as you deem fit without much of an issue.

Eliminates the Need for Phone Wiring

Don’t want to stretch a single wire all throughout the whole building, including into your office? With a PBX, you don’t have to worry about installing any long wires throughout your office. As mentioned above, the entire private branch exchange runs on a software program and connects you via your internet connection directly to the telephone lines. All you have to do is to connect hardware IP phones to the network port of your computer to start making calls.

Better Customer Service

Companies that offer PBX solutions to business owners understand the importance of offering a quality customer service, and they make sure that customers receive top-of-the-line service. In case the network goes down, all you have to do is file a complaint and a team will be routed over to the address for the fix. It’s that simple! Ultimately, this improves productivity in your place of business and makes sure that more work gets done throughout the course of the day.