Digital Printing Services – What You Should Know About it


Over the years, there has been seen a tremendous switch in the printing industry from the traditional method of printing to digital printing. For advertisement purposes, people prefer digital printing services. There are still many people who are confused about whom to choose- traditional methods or digital printing. So, here’s a list of things that you must know about the digital printing services:

What the process is all about?

The first important thing is the printing process which involves printing from a digital based image to different surface or media. Some of the important printing processes include laser and inkjet that helps in depositing the toner on different substrates like marbles, paper, glass, cloth, etc.

The speed of the printing

One of the important benefits that are associated with digital printing services is its quick printing process. There’s no involvement of plates in this method. Also, there’s no need for another preparation process in the digital mode of printing. So, the setup time required by the digital printing is very less as compared to offset printing. This means that digital is the best option to go with because of its fast turnaround.

In terms of eco-friendliness

As there’s no need for plates for the pre-printing process, this’ll save the usage of extra chemicals, films, and other materials. This ultimately makes digital printing an eco-friendly one.

Quality of prints

With digital printing, you’ll get improved printing quality. Over the years, digital technology has surpassed the traditional offset printing technology. Because of this reason, people prefer digital over lithographic one. This is the most important point to consider.

Accuracy attribute

When it comes to printing, one thing that matters a lot is the colour of prints. The main highlight of digital printing is that you can see the print samples to find out the accuracy of the colours. In this way, you can print in the exact way what you’ve thought of. If you are not satisfied with the sample then you’re completely free to change the property and colours. But, don’t forget, this is applicable only with a digital one. This feature is not available with a lithographic printing process.

No cost of initial set up required

If we’ll talk about the setup cost for the initial stage of printing then digital printing service is cost effective. With digital printing, you won’t require extra costs of plates. Thus, saying wouldn’t be wrong that digital printing service is affordable.

Option of customisation

With digital printing process, you’ll get the option of customisation that allows you to personalise each and every print unit with ease. But, you cannot do this with the offset printing process. Along with this, it is considered ideal for printing small quantities also.

For the perfect printing results, you definitely need the best printing technology. There are a number of reasons like no additional cost, quality, etc. that can make you prefer digital printing service. Professionals such as Jennings Print can be considered really helpful when you’re in search of the best digital printing services. Hope the above-mentioned information would be helpful to you.