Keep Your Business Properly Protected Against Fire


In order to lower your business liability cover, it is essential that you have all the safeguards in place for fire and security protection. In fact, you can choose from a number of fire safety systems to make sure that your business remains protected against fire damage. Today, fire safety systems are designed to cover all of a company’s fire prevention requirements. These preventative measures include 24-hour monitoring to keep property, assets, and employees safe.

A Full Fire Risk Assessment and Evacuation Drills

Work with a company that is devoted to providing customers with the highest in quality services and products and also offers a full fire risk assessment and evacuation drills. Some of the main instruments used to keep people protected from fire include fire alarms and 24-hour remote monitoring services.

Before these types of measures are installed, however, a fire safety company normally performs a fire risk assessment. Following the rules established for fire safety legislation in Leicester, a fire protection company offers its expertise in placing fire safety systems and preventative aids in the workplace.

An Assessment Report and Plan of Action

Therefore, fire risk assessments offer excellent fire safety recommendations and a detailed risk assessment report including an action plan. This action plan is based on the significant findings made during the evaluation. Indeed, having an assessment can assist you in choosing the right fire protection devices and offer you added peace of mind.

You can choose from an array of fire alarm systems for your company. When choosing an alarm system, make sure that the company also provides support and maintenance for the system. By taking this approach, you can fully coordinate your fire safety and maintenance requirements with one company.

Customise Your Fire Alarm and Monitoring System

When it comes to fire alarms, each company has its own needs and preferences. That is why alarm systems are usually configured and customised for the client. All the alarms are designed to current British standards and range from convention alarms up to eight zones to addressable analogue systems that offer 16 or more zones of coverage. Make sure that the fire protection company with which you work installs systems that are affiliated with trusted manufacturers.

As noted, remote monitoring is also important. Therefore, remote tracking should be available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Remote monitoring features the latest innovations in fire detection technology that are linked to a central monitoring station. This type of setup enables the system to provide a rapid and automated response.

With an alarm system that includes remote monitoring, it means that your business premises will be secured around the clock. By connecting the alarm and monitoring to a central station, you can be assured of the best in fire protection for your company.

Besides fire safety equipment, make sure that the company with which you work also offers security systems to protect your business from vandalism and intrusion. If you work with one company for both solutions, you can rest much easier about all of your company’s protection needs.