A Guide to Employee Verification and Screening Services


The demand for pre-employment background checks is very high in the modern business world, especially when a company wishes to fill a key role in management, and with online experts, the entire process can be completed via their website, giving the employer peace of mind. If you are about to hire someone for a key position, it makes sense to do a little checking, and with a range of screening and checking options, the employer will receive verification within a few days.

Comprehensive Service

Imagine a Singaporean business owner is about to hire a sales manager, and after an exhaustive process, one candidate seems to be perfectly suited for the role, there are steps that can be taken to verify the candidate’s integrity, and with a simple online search, the boss would then have a list of background screening companies in Asia. It really is a simple as that, and with customised services, you can screen the applicant according to your wishes, which might include a personal financial check, and possibly a criminal conviction search, and this can include other countries, if required.

Major Investment

Hiring a key person that will be part of your team means your company heavily investing in the candidate, and their abilities, and with many job applicants not being completely honest when giving information, there is only one way to establish the person’s integrity, and that is by assigning the right company to carry out the necessary verification on your behalf. You might be surprised to know that more than 50% of job applicants withhold certain facts when applying for employment, and this means one needs to verify certain aspects of the candidate’s history in order to be sure they are the right type of person for the role.

Employment History

Not everyone leaves a job on good terms with the employer, and it is quite easy to cite personal issues, or perhaps a lack of prospects as the reason for leaving a company, which might be far from the truth. It is understandable why job applicants are not completely honest in the information they provide, but for the employer, this gives a false image of the applicant, and the risks are very high if you hire someone who has not been verified in some way or another.

Professional Qualifications

It has been known for people to go to the trouble of creating and using fake diplomas and certification, which will enhance their chances of landing the job, yet for the employer, it could mean unknowingly hiring someone who does not have the necessary skill or experience to handle the role. Having qualifications verified is very common in business circles, and to be honest, it is the only way to know whether a qualification is genuine.

Most large companies will use a screening service when they are about to hire a key person, and with a tailored package, you only pay for what you need, and you also have the peace of mind, knowing the candidate has integrity.