Nadine Gourkow Looks at the Best Snack Foods



Whether you are looking to grab something on your way out the door, something salty, something healthy, or simply looking for a late night snack, Nadine Gourkow has got you covered. Since we don’t all have time to always sit down and eat, manufacturers have made snack-sized versions of all your favourites. So, you may be looking for a chocolate fix, a salty fix, or maybe a little bit of both. You have more than a handful of choices and it may be hard to pick the best of the best.

Sweet and Savory Snacks

So, let us set the scene. You just got home from work and you are on the way to your kid’s soccer game. Both you and your kid want a little something to tide you over until you get home for dinner. Fortunately for you, we have a list of some of the best things to stuff in your gullet until you can sit down with the family for a nice evening meal.

  1. Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar – Do you want to have some chips, but not feel too bad about it? Then Sun Chips are your answer. While claiming to be baked, we can still taste a little bit of oil or grease on them. We tend to think they are cooked with the minimum amount of grease and maybe baked so they can make that claim. Either way, they have been proven to be heart healthy as well as some of the most delicious chips on the market. Pick up one of those 24 or 48 packs of them and grab one on your way out the door.
  2. Philadelphia Multigrain Bagel Chips and Cream Cheese – These are perfect for an office snack in the late afternoon before you head out to do the afternoon chores. We really didn’t know we needed this invention until we bought it. You will find after just one purchase, you will be a little obsessed with them. The great part about it is that they are not too bad for you and they taste amazing.
  3. Sargento Balanced Breaks Natural White Cheddar Cheese with Almonds and Dried Cranberries – By far the healthiest option on our list. If there was one thing in the package that we would have to say was not too great for you, it would be the cheddar cheese. However, cheese is a great option if you are trying to get extra protein in your diet or maybe even a little extra dairy. At any rate, the almonds are a very welcome addition to this adult version of snack packs.
  4. Del Monte Fruit Refreshers Mandarin Oranges in Coconut Water – You can never really go wrong with fruit cups. Yes, sometimes they are packed with extra preservatives, but it still beats having a chocolate bar or some fries from McDonald’s.


There you have it, some of the best snacks that get Nadine Gourkow through her day. Make sure that you eat in moderation any of these snacks. No need to have the extra calories this close to the holidays.