The New Age of Media Marketing: Videos, Videos, and More Videos


Regardless of your specific industry or niche, you’ve probably gone out of your way to bring your firm into the 21st century of promotional aptitude and publicity. Perhaps you’ve established a dedicated Facebook account, practical Twitter handle, and maybe you’ve even augmented your webpage to account for ever-changing trends. So why hasn’t your online foot traffic exploded?

Well, in order to understand why your efforts have yet to produce a desirable effect, you have to take a closer look at how modern companies are taking advantage of video marketing techniques:

  • 86% of business-related video views take place on desktop computers, with only 14% on mobile devices.
  • Modern businesses have an average of 293 videos within their in-house libraries.
  • On average, contemporary businesses publish 18 online videos per month.
  • 56% of online videos published during the last year are less than two minutes in length.
  • The four most common video categories are product demos, how-to’s, testimonials, and explainers.
  • Videos under 90 seconds in length are able to produce a 53% retention rate, whereas videos over 10 minutes retain a mere 10%.
  • By the year 2020, video marketing will encompass over 75% of all web-based foot traffic.

As you might imagine by now, promotional video clips represent the wave of the future, and are set to begin dominating our cultural zeitgeist in an unprecedented manner. However, the average video clip retains only 37% of viewers all the way up to the last minute, which is why so many forward-thinking business people are beginning to turn to their local video production company in Brisbane for some much-needed assistance.

Why Hire a Video Production Firm?

Although these firms specialise in procuring impactful, dynamic promotional videos, the chief advantage they are able to provide is a little-known concept called digital integration.

This idea refers to the notion your hardware, software, and even your cell phone should be fully amalgamated, streamlined, and hyper-focused on interconnectivity. This is done by establishing coordinated compatibility between all of your digital marketing provisions, social media accounts, webpages, and any other aspects of your online infrastructure, effectively creating a uniform, harmonious network of cross-compatible digital tools for your company.

How Do I Hire a Trustworthy Firm?

It all comes down to the firm’s suite of services. The company in question should be able to facilitate scripting, recording, editing, and converting for a wide range of video production undertakings. From digital integration and search engine optimisation to nuanced advertising techniques and top-notch consulting advice, your video production partner should be able to serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your promotional needs:

  • Training Videos: Over half of the content learned during training seminars or workshops is lost in just five short weeks following the event, which is why so many companies are beginning to facilitate quick, targeted e-learning sessions and micro-learning disseminations by way of video clips. The best-rated video production companies specialise in fabricating persuasive corporate training films.
  • Photography: Your video production partner should be able to take and edit professional-grade photographs and weave them into your webpages, email blasts, and any other marketing initiatives in your wheelhouse.
  • Comprehensive Marketing: From videos and infographics to new-age slideshows and interactive advertising platforms, your video production firm should be able to procure vibrant digital content and broadcast it to every relevant nook and cranny of the Internet, effectively bolstering your ranking within the most popular search engines in the world, such as Google, for instance.