The Value of Anti-spam Software to Businesses


Did you know that spam, malware, and viruses cost businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue every year? The simple fact is that business today, in this volatile national and global economic environment, cannot afford to face the kinds of risks that spam and malware represent. It is challenging enough to run a business, let alone deal with cyber threats as well.

The True Cost of Malware

While it is true that malware has existed in some form or another ever since we started using computers at home and at work, today’s internet-connected world has simply made the problem worse. Malware can move from one network to another, across countries and oceans, in no time at all. The problem is that spam, malware, Trojans, worms, and viruses can create the following problems for business:

  • Downtime: When a network is infected with malware or is infested with spam, it slows down significantly. Operating systems crash beneath the weight of thousands of spam emails, and malware can wipe data altogether. When there are delays like this, business operations are interrupted while the problems are fixed by IT staff. This has a widespread impact on staff, business leaders, and customers. It also contributes to a negative public perception of the company in question as people associate it with poor management and poor service.
  • Education: It is commonplace for companies to invest time educating their staff on the challenges associated with malware and spam. Indeed, some companies run training courses designed to educate their staff on the best way to handle spam and how to recognise malware. All of this education takes time and money, and it is little wonder that companies would rather not have to worry about the issue at all.

Given the true cost of malware and spam to business, the good news is that specialist software like Mailcleaner can help any size of business get on top of their malware problem once and for all.

Why Use an Anti-Spam Gateway?

Though there are many anti-spam and anti-malware solutions available, it is only now that the speed and security of the Cloud has reached a point where a truly effective anti-malware solution has become available to all kinds of businesses. A Cloud-based solution is ideal, as it means that the virus and malware database can be updated quickly and easily by the hosting company without interruption to daily business operations. It is this ease of use and convenience that makes it a great solution, in fact.

Furthermore, having anti-malware software hosted remotely on the Cloud means that all business email is routed through it. This takes the strain off of in-house mail servers and allows everyone to focus on getting their work done.

In short, it is the sort of solution that simply works in the background without noise and without fuss. In today’s volatile global environment, it is important to deal with malware and spam in the most effective way possible, and a Cloud hosted anti-malware and anti-spam gateway offers ease, convenience, and robust security solutions.