Why Thinking Local is the Way to go with Web Design


When it comes to creating a business website, it’s tempting to think big. After all, the internet is a huge place, with billions of users, so you’ll want your website to stand out from the crowd. Every business website needs a healthy amount of traffic if it’s going to succeed, so search engine optimization (or SEO) is key to bringing in those visitors.

How does SEO work? It involves carefully tweaking your website, from the written content right the way down to the code itself, in a way that appeals to search engines. These search engines use so-called “bots” to scan web pages, in order to decide who comes out on top in search results. Their aim is to provide users with the most relevant results, so it’s your job to work with them to ensure that your site fits what they are looking for.

However, SEO is easier said than done. Search engines like Google are always changing the algorithms their bots use to scan pages. While certain basic principles, such as a suitable density of particular keywords and making the site easy to scan, will always apply, there are other factors that are tricky to keep track of. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring in an expert web design and development company to help you out. They will know all the latest tips and tricks for SEO, and will also be able to ensure that your site is totally responsive for a great user experience. After all, once people click onto your site, you’ll want them to be impressed!

At the top of this article, we mentioned that website owners have a tendency to think big. While it’s good to be ambitious, that can sometimes be a bit of a negative when it comes to SEO. It’s not enough to just focus on particular general keywords- not only will you be faced with a lot more competition from other sites across the globe, but it’s also unlikely that you will get the sort of results that you’re after.

In reality, an approach that’s too far-reaching just isn’t going to work for everyone- especially businesses that mainly deal with local customers. After all, what’s the use in reaching millions of people if only a handful of those are going to be able to make use of your services? Instead, you’ll want to think about targeted, local SEO. Again, that’s where a local web development team can help. They’ll know your local market better than anyone when it comes to web design and SEO, and will help to tailor your site to visitors in your area that you can then turn into loyal, paying customers.

For those of you in Bristol and the surrounding area, Ben Smith Design & Marketing is the perfect solution to your SEO woes. As local experts, they’ll help create a site that’s geared towards your ideal visitors: customers in your area, with a need for your services. By teaming up with the very best, you can rest assured that your Bristol business has a website that you can depend on. By utilizing the full power of local SEO, you’ll soon see incredible results- so give them a try today!