7 Tips for Gas Station Construction Planning Success


All major construction projects require a decent amount of planning before one bit of soil is turned over. The safety requirements for gas station construction are more stringent than for most types of businesses, which makes the need for expert oversight that much more important. Below are seven tips for planning the successful build of a gas station in any area of the country.

1 – Hire an Experienced Gas Station Construction Company

The planning and construction of a gas station is a specialized industry that is highly regulated for public and environmental safety. You want to make sure that the construction company you hire has years of experience and can tackle all of the details with ease.

2 – Use Trusted Project Management Talent

Construction projects that require exact specifications, critical timing and maintaining a sense of teamwork will get better results when using talented project management personnel. Part of the hiring decision should be based on proven excellence in managing projects to successful completion. You want to know that you have placed your project and trust in the right hands.

3- Choose the Perfect Location

Even though it is a pretty safe bet that a gas station will build a good customer base no matter where it is located, there are prime spots that will help you leap to success sooner than others. Areas close to heavy local traffic and highway travelers will ensure your popularity. This has to be measured out against the price of the land. Try and plan for the best location within your project budget.

4- Follow All Zoning Regulations and Building Codes

Every area of the country will have individual zoning regulations and building codes that have to be followed. These can vary, at least in some parts of the construction process. Choose a gas station construction company that has built in this area before and is knowledgeable of all regulations and requirements. Not staying in compliance can draw heavy penalties and fines. It can set your project back by months, or even years.

5- Decide What You Will Provide

Are you going to simply provide fuel, or is your plan to incorporate a convenience store, or repair service? These are all considerations and decisions that need to be made before the final plans are put together for construction. Making last minute changes can take your project way off budget and set everything behind. If you are unsure what those considereations might be for your build, contact gas station construction specialists like those at https://www.tomsawyerconstruction.com/gas-station-canopy-repair to find out more.

6- Purchase Equipment for Longevity

Fuel tanks, piping, pumps, and lighting should be of the highest quality you can afford. This will mean increased longevity before repairs need to be made. Replacement and major repairs are not something you want to think about right out of the gate. Try and get extended service warranties and all guarantees possible against equipment malfunction.

7- Plan Ahead for Sign Visibility

Opening day will not go as well as you expect if your sign cannot be seen. A great deal of planning should be done to guarantee the location chosen for the gas station sign is visible from all available directions of traffic flow. This is one detail you will glad to spend a little extra time in getting right.