How Amit Raizada SBV, Spectrum Business Ventures Can Help You Live a Better Life

Amit Raizada SBV

Established in both Los Angeles and Miami, Amit Raizada is a tremendously successful investor and entrepreneur. He studied Economics at Michigan State University. In addition, he has an aptitude for finding better opportunities for investments. Amit, the CEO of SBV, SBV Real Estate, SBV Consultants, and SBV Capital has managed successful investments. The SBV group of companies provides a vast range of investment, capital, real estate, and advisory services to various industries.

Amit Raizada as the CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures

Amit Raizada established SBV in 2002 and worked for 15 years as CEO of the company. With an extensive background in assets and entrepreneurship, Amit helped Spectrum Business Venture erect a portfolio of up to 60 companies in technology, finance, retail, energy, esports, food, and hospitality.

He helped initiate SBV’s real estate that concentrated on the accession, rehabilitation, and leadership of communal housing scheme. Spectrum Business Venture and its associates possess up to 6,000 modules all over the country. Mr. Raizada purchased and sold many assets with entire values in the billions.

Pioneer of retail sales-Amit Raizada

 Amit Raizada spent his early career pioneering retail sales and operations for Nextel – a model he further repeated with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. After that, he went on to cultivate a private portfolio in industries such as retail, technology, financial real estate, and services. Amit’s business interests are widened across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Europe.

Amit’s deliberate progress and successful investments

Amit Raizada provided strategically progress and administration for all the company’s speculation and illuminated on due credibility, growth opportunities, transactions construct and hazard reduction. He has many fruitful investments in technology companies like Card Compliant, Select Quote, wireless communication like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and esports, HD Films, Echo Fox, various real estate projects all over the United States, and many investments in hospitality, entertainment, and food.

Raizada as a prominent entrepreneur

 Raizada is not unfamiliar to great deals. Raizada is a prominent investor and entrepreneur who established Spectrum Business Ventures. His philosophy of entrepreneur’s investment has allowed him to collect more money at investing in fruitful companies like Stone Financial Services and AT&T. Moreover, SBV invested in ingenious esports organizations like HD Films and Echo Fox.

Forward-Looking Mindset of Amit Raizada

Amit Raizada has a forward-looking mindset. Operating under the philosophy that uncovers hidden value, creates opportunities, preserves and expands wealth, and minimizes risk for individuals, institutions, and family corporations. Amit Raizada nurtured and planted this forward-looking mindset that has made Spectrum Business Venture a valued partner of up to 70 companies across the country.

Mr. Raizada vitalizes divergent thinking and the aspiration of companies with unexploited potential for profit and success. In addition, SBV provides its portfolio companies with strategic guidance, legal support, and management experience.

Countrywide influence of SBV

SBV and its partner associates hold plenty of real estate projects all over the United States, as well as innumerable investments in food and beverage, and hospitality. He is also a specialist in navigating industry provocation, materializing at each conclusion using better business sense.

Amit Raizada’s Spectrum Business Ventures provides better investment opportunities for institutions, individuals, and businesses and has developed from a single-office operation to a firm with countrywide influence and reach.

Social Responsibility Efforts of SBV

Amit Raizada is a steadfast philanthropist and has a passion for serving the community. SBV is involved in corporate social responsibility efforts in Kansas City, supporting childhood cancer research and cardiology, legal assistance for the unjustly accused, behavioral health among young people, and the fine and performing arts. Amit’s love for art and innovation influences his philanthropic philosophies and business.Amit Raizada helped The University of Kansas Hospital with a first-of-its-kind cardiac technology.

What makes Amit a mighty business owner?

Amit’s professional encounter and deep pockets make him a mighty in the business industry. Amit is a passionate supporter of those organizations which exhibit best approaches to long-established problems.

 Amit Raizada born in New Dehli India. His family migrated to the United States when he was two years old. He studied Economics at Michigan State University.  He currently lives and works in Miami Florida.