Boosting Your Trade Show Presence


Tradeshows are great for drumming up more business, meeting industry leaders, finding out the latest developments in the industry and networking with businesses and brands that share similar or complementary interests in the industry.

This is why businesses often make sure that they attend every trade show event in their industry or related industries. In fact, there are businesses that have doubled and even tripled their revenues from the leads they generated during tradeshows.

However, getting the best results from attending a tradeshow event largely depends on how attractive your tradeshow booth is and what you do to attract your target audience. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best tips for becoming very obvious during tradeshows and catching attendee’s attention so that they want to come check out your booth.

Use Bright, Attractive Colors

Bright colored booths may seem cliché, but they have been proven to work all the time. Now, we’re not saying that you should use outlandish or garish colors that hurt the eyes. Instead, use complementary colors like blue and red, grey and bright green, yellow and blue, and white and magenta/red.

These colors are attractive and will most likely set your booth apart. Also, your clothing can get you noticed more than others. For example, the founder of Finders Key Purse and a couple of friends once dressed up as cheerleaders for a tradeshow and got a lot of love from the attendees.

According to her, most of the women attendees said they seemed fun and approachable. Another good idea for tradeshow event clothing is to have your representatives wear fun, quirky T-shirts or outfits. Most people notice this and will make it a point to visit your booth to see what you have to offer.

Use Attractive Females

You know how they say sex sells? Well, thousands of successful ads have proven this. This may be an obvious ploy, but it works every time. Get a couple of attractive ladies to stand outside the booth or just inside the booth, close to the entrance.

This works particularly when the tradeshow event has mostly male attendees. Just make sure they are knowledgeable about your products and are able to provide the necessary information as most of the men who will be stopping by, will be doing so to talk to the ladies.

Take Advantage of Props

Most tradeshow booths are too “boring” and serious. Yes, we get that you are there to do business. But, you’ve got to make it fun for the attendees and your prospective leads. So, use props to your advantage.

For instance, you could borrow the idea of having a roulette wheel in your booth. Interested visitors can then spin the wheel, pick a question related to the firm or its products/services and then try to answer it.

Anyone who gets the answer correctly walks away with a promotional gift. It’s fun, interactive and produces results –three things you want your tradeshow booth to do. Other prop ideas include making huge sized models of your products and placing them in front of your booth or have someone walk around your booth’s area with them.

Give Away Freebies

An oldie but a goodie, this idea works all the time. Give away free samples of your products or offer people a ridiculous discount on your services.

For instance, if you do some form of digital marketing, you could offer a $1 trial for the first month, or offer to create your prospect’s Facebook page, set up their Instagram account or Twitter account for just $20. Freebies or huge discounts always work because we all love them.

You should also try giving out free food items. These could be in the form of energy bars, candies or even cups of coffee. Foods are always an attraction for hungry convention goers or tradeshow attendees and is sure to get them to come to your booth.

Get Customized Flags and Banners

Customized flags stand out because they are unusual. As a result, they tend to get noticed particularly when placed at an eye level and they have teasing copy. In fact, your tradeshow event is incomplete without great looking customized flags.

With these, you could place the flags in strategic areas and ask people to follow the flags. A good example would be to create a series of messages on each flag that ultimately leads them to your booth.

Visitors who follow the flags to your booth can then be rewarded with gifts and promotional items. The trick to making a flag stand out though is having experts like Build a Flag create your customized flags.

If you adopt and implement these tips in your next tradeshow event, chances are that you will generate enough buzz around your business and drum up new leads/prospects as well as sign up new clients immediately.