Chicago Neighbourhoods Becoming More Dangerous: ValueMags Comments


ValueMags is one of the smaller businesses in the Chicago. They are a marketing and distribution company for magazine publishers. The company is dedicated to local and national print entertainment by supporting magazine brands. Employees at ValueMags mostly have families and use the magazines in their own households to inform and entertain their kids and family. The family oriented company is always seeking new ways to bring the company together, bonds, and bring employees closer to their families.

Recently, ValueMags management and employees have found that hard to do. Chicago neighbourhood streets are becoming less safe as gangs are breaking out. A 25 year old woman was shot and killed in Streeterville neighbourhood Sunday. The unknown shooter opened fire on the woman and her friend just before 3 a.m. He managed to strike her in the head and she was pronounced dead by doctors shortly after at a local hospital. Streeterville is commonly known for it’s family environment and having many kids running around in the streets. Although the kids are not out at 3 a.m, the shooting left locals including ValueMags employees feeling very uneasy. All parents want is for their children to be safe and secure in their home city. However, Chicago is becoming increasingly dangerous. The city has announced that the increase in gang activity prompted Chicago to increase their police force activity and patrol by a couple of hundred per day and night. To elaborate, police are now patrolling more often, there are more police, and they can therefore cover a larger surface area. More neighbourhoods have been guaranteed to be safer. The consequences for gang behaviour and activity have also been increased. Penalties are as long as 10 years in prison and when guns are involved, life in prison.

How can police keep their neighborhoods safer? How can parents keep their kids safe? By a further increase in police activity in the form of the national guard? There might just be the need for bigger guns like AK-47 rifles to strengthen current efforts by the state. To contribute to the conversation, visit Chicago News or ValueMags’ blog above.