How much do we know about CIPD and its qualifications and training? Well, if you’re an established professional, you’ll agree that being a certified professional comes with many benefits. In fact, the importance of being a certified professional in this age and time cannot be over emphasized. Little wonder why a reputed organization like the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), a professional body and institution, channeled towards the management and development of people has become the world’s largest Chartered Human Resources body responsible for accrediting and awarding professionals with human resources qualifications with a recognized brand presence across different countries. So, if you have been wondering just how to skyrocket your professional career in any field of your choice, you’re welcome to read further as this article is designed to give you all necessary information you need to enroll for a CIPD qualification.


The Oakwood CIPD certification program offers its students three different types of qualifications:

  1. Level 3 – Foundation Level

Totally comparable to studying at A-Level standard, with an overview into HR principles and a general overview of the profession. This program is uniquely designed to help professionals with little to on field experience to gain HR job experience. The certificate(s) involved here include here;

  • Certificate/Diploma in Human Resource Practice (HRP)
  • Certificate/Diploma in Learning and Development (LDF)
  1. Level 5 – Intermediate Level

With an undergraduate degree standard set in place to help students build and improve on their skills, this level covers and provides an in-depth and inclusive examination of HR practices. At the end of this level it is expected that professionals who enroll for this CIPD qualification gain full HR job roles leading to mid managerial level. The certificate(s) offered here include

  • Certificate/Diploma in Human Management (HRM)
  • Certificate/Diploma in Learning and Development
  1. Level 7 – Advanced Level

Designed to offer students postgraduate qualifications and intended for established professionals and topnotch HR personnel. The certificates offered in this level include

  • Advanced Diploma in Human Management (HRM)

All HR courses are accredited and approved by the CIPD.


Just as mentioned earlier, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is the body responsible for the awarding of HR certification and qualifications. More than 13,000 students across the world join the program every year because of the tremendous benefits it has to offer, such as;

Gain valuable knowledge, improve and arm themselves with the latest information for best HR compliance techniques.

Learn skills to market themselves and substantially increase their earning potential.

Put themselves on the forefront of their careers as they are indeed valuable to employers.

With all the above information, you’ll agree that enrolling for a CIPD qualifications and certification is non-negotiable.