Co-working Consideration – 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Joining a Space


One can easily get taken in by the co-working trend. While surfing the web, you’ll most likely see a group of well-put together, young professionals engaged in some version of lively conversation while seated in fashionably decorated, chic offices. Yes, this is quite possibly is the lure that gets many people interested in co-working.

However, one great quality is that these spaces are very social places, communities that define their workspace. Working in the co-working environment can be just about going to work, but for many professionals, it becomes a positive working experience just by virtue of the number of professional connections that one can make, connections that lead to collaborative opportunities and partnerships.

For professionals, though, maximising the co-working experience can only come by asking the right questions. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you need to ask before joining a co-working space.

What Are The Details of the Contract?

Common sense dictates that knowing exactly what comes with your leasing contract can avoid unintended expenses and other problems down the line. One question, in particular, relates to the specific amenities your co-working space offers its clients, amenities that include internet use, private office space, and the use of office equipment.

Because co-working spaces vary, the amenities can vary as well depending on the office’s core values. Servcorp co-working Spaces Australia places emphasis on both business and networking function of the office, for example.

What Types of Networking and Collaborating Opportunities Are Available?

While work is the primary function of the space, coworking is widely known for providing professionals with opportunities to network and collaborate.

Questions related to whether the office incorporates a plan that integrates networking and collaborative opportunities and events into the working space is a good one since the diversity of industries found while co-working presents networking opportunities, which facilitates business growth. In addition, collaborations are a culmination of networking events.

What Types Of Professionals Usually Frequent These Spaces?

Work is work, so this question does not matter when people can work anywhere. However, many co-working spaces cater to a particular industry or type of professional. For example, in some of Australia’s larger cities, tech co-working spaces have cropped up in response to a demand from industry professionals.

Conversely, some co-working spaces interview prospective renters to make sure their business values align with the co-working space. By knowing the spaces demographic, you get an idea of the types of business relationships you will build.

What Are The Limitation On The Lease?

Due to co-working spaces being all over the place, you can find a variety of leasing options. Some are very flexible and allow businesses a lot of mobility in using space in other locations, and conversely, other outfits do not have the same capabilities. If you are running a business that requires quite a bit of travel, leasing a co-working space with a larger outfit that can provide you access to space in other locations might be a better fit for your business.

Alternatively, those who only need to work in the office a few days a week might not require this particular feature at all. The point is to find out how much flexibility there is in the lease.

Can We Take A Test Run?

The best way to see if a co-working space is the best fit for you is to work for a few days in the office. Surround yourself with the scene and talk to the natives to see if your business fits in with this environment. Even if they allow you one day to test out the space, take advantage of the opportunity before diving in.

Questions In Considering A Co-Working Space

These are just a few of the numerous questions you can ask regarding committing to a co-working space. To gain the most of these spaces, ask questions related to the lease and related to some of its more social amenities and core values. As stated previously, these questions can lead you to finding a great place to work and network.