Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies

For any business, success is based on the customers. The business having a happy customer is consider to be successful. The site owners who fulfill the need of their audience and keep the products that their customers need always get a high rating. Businessperson uses the customer retention strategy to maintain the number of audiences on their site and keep on improving the number with time. Now the question is how the site owners apply this phenomenon and how they get expected results. Let’s have a look at the calculating technique of the customer retention rate.

Calculation of Customer Retention Rate 

There are different methods to calculate customer retention rates. It depends on the time when you are estimating it and number of audiences you have. Although it may be changed according to marketer but the phenomenon for calculating remains the same.

If we take an example of 2000 customers that the site owner has in two months. At the same time, about 600 come back to your outlet. It’s means these are two numbers that will help you to calculate the customer retention rate. The important thing is that the new customer that comes to the outlet will not be a part of your calculation. You have to deduct those customers to get the right number of the customer you retained for your outlet. You have to calculate before your measuring months. For example, if you are calculating the retention rate for March 1 to April 30, you have to calculate the customers numbers before March 1. You will not count the customers nmbers after March 15


When you know what is customer retention, then you should know the formula for calculating this technique. You have to use the mathematical calculation for getting the right number. Have a look at the equation used for this purpose.

First, subtract the customers number the end of time from the customers number attention during this period. After that, divide it with the customers number when an owner starts up the business. The last step is to multiply the answer with 100.

Once you apply this formula it will become easy for you to calculate the customers number you have. You can work accordingly and maintain your customers ratio.

Maintaining customer retention can be a little bit tricky. The site owner can work and get improvement in this phenomenon by setting the goals. He must know the proper marketing strategy to achieve the goals. You must know what you want and how you can achieve it. For this, you can calculate the current customer retention rate. You can start with a specific percentage. For example, If you are taking 10 percent, then you have to set the goal accordingly. Use a feasible number like 20 or 30. But using 50% isn’t a feasible term as it needs a long-term planning that may fail.

By using the right customer retention phenomenon and setting the right goals, then the site owner definitely gets the success. The primary purpose to apply the right formula with the correct number to avoid any issue and get the success that one needs for his business.