Factory Audit –Doing It At Right Time


The global financial crisis has business perspectives firms towards sending lower products whilst handling the top level of service and quality that consumers are demanding. If you are going for outsourcing your production or already planned to do so then you would need to make auditing your suppliers a top priority. It is very necessary to conduct a factory audit. There are many good reasons to stay on top of your outsourcing partners, to meet the ethical demand and to ensure finished goods quality. You can also break down the process of audit into a stages series and some of them must be continuous.

Before you teaming up for the business with other party, it would be important for you to know or verify the party background and know their promises are being delivering on time or not. You can see many contacts in this developing world who can advertise themselves as a factory representative, but actually they are middle men. Being a middle man is not a bad thing but sometime it can lead to work dissatisfaction. The main trouble for all the outsources is that middle men would have no control over the producer relationship and wouldn’t be able to resolve issues relating to the performance or quality.

The important component for the products delivery to the wider market is ensuring that your suppliers would meet environmental and ethical standards. Not only your direct partners whom you have to monitor, but also you should make sure that anyone dealing with those partners meets the expectation level. You should also ensure that any materials or parts supplied by this chain are as promised in any starting agreements.

You can save your money and time by proper inspecting a little quantity of products during early manufacturing to ensure that the initial process are going smoother, and also checking the finished products before they are shipping to correction action early. You also want to have some someone to check if rejects are being properly destroyed as per the contract or not. For the highly reputable brands this is an important element of brand management and sometime neglected and taken on faith, the Asia markets are full of rejects from the major names due to this. You can go for auditing a factory’s compliance in this area to save your band name from being tarnished.

Many large companies would definitely find that it is economic to place various stuff on the ground to manage all the elements of factory auditing, but small sized or medium companies may struggle to offer the depth required at a reasonable price. You can also go for the china factory audit.if you have business settled in China or any part of Asia.

If you got stuck in this type of situation, you should not skimp on the process of auditing which may result in worse or recall severe damage to your reputation and brand. You can find a partner who would be specialized in factory audit both local and Western staffs, to ensure cultural barriers and ensure communication are not an issue.