Five Advantages of Using OEE Systems and Services


Efficiency is key when running any business, especially if you want to reach optimal success. This is the case for all businesses, but especially for those in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is a fast-paced business where optimisation is always the goal. Manufacturing is a key service, which is why optimisation is so important in all applications.

To effectively improve efficiency, OEE technology is used to keep things on track. OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is a standard of manufacturing productivity. OEE systems are designed to assess the process of manufacturing and make sure that things are running as efficiently as possible. Also, if there are problems with the manufacturing process, OEE technology will be able to identify and recommend changes to fix the issue.

Read on to learn more about the top five advantages of using OEE technology. Also, if you want more information about how OEE can benefit your company, visit to learn more.

Return on Investment

Since equipment is such a hefty investment, you will want to make sure that you get the return you deserve from your company’s investment. OEE is the quickest and most reliable way to ensure that your entire investment and more will be returned to you through efficiency, quality, and saved time. Payback is fast, and that is excellent news for any business, especially those in the fast-paced world of manufacturing.

Reduce Machine Repair Costs

Factory and manufacturing machines are complicated and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair in many cases. However, OEE technology is designed to help reduce the frequency or need for repairs. This will help you save money and keep things running when they need to be.

OEE machines are designed to self diagnose, record all operations, and have smart protocols in place to protect themselves. This means that you will save money and keep things running smoothly for much longer.

Competitive Edge

Having the competitive edge in any business is key to achieving success. OEE systems are designed to help get your company there with the least amount of effort possible. For example, OEE technology will find the best way to have as many parts manufactured in an hour as possible, so that you’ll have an edge on the competitors. The better you improve your processes, the more successful you and your company will be in the long run.

Eliminate Waste

Wasted time and parts happens, but if you want to save more in these regards, OEE can help. The system will identify where waste is occurring and from there, you will be able to eliminate waste to form a more effective business plan and company operations.

Increased Quality

Increased quality means increased value. There are costs associated with faulty, substandard, and defective parts, which cause economic loss. OEE technology allows you to track quality problems and correct any issues. This will minimise repetition and make quality parts better. From here, you can stop experiencing any economic loss and continue to increase your financial benefits and gains instead.