How Can The Privacy And Access Be Improved In The Office


When you are working in an office, you will want to have a large amount of privacy. Open-plan offices have several drawbacks:

  • Noise travels freely around the open-plan office.
  • People can distract each other when they are in open-plan offices.
  • Employees cannot really have private conversations with managers and employers when they are in an open-plan office.
  • The desk layout in the open-plan office could make it extremely difficult for people to move around the office. This could be an issue if there is a fire or another emergency in the building during working hours.

Privacy and access can be improved in during office fitouts in Perth when partitions have been installed. There are lots of different styles of partition cubicles that you can choose from. You can choose the height and the colour of the partitions before they are installed.

How can privacy and access be improved by partitions in the office?

Partitions Will Allow People To Get On With Work Undistracted

  • Partitions will allow people to get on with their work undistracted because the screens will deter colleagues from unnecessarily trying to share information which could cause the person inside the cubicle to lose their focus.
  • You will be able to test out different types of cubicle before you decide which one is going to be the most suitable for the employees.

Partitions Will Allow People To Conduct Private Conversations

  • Sometimes employees will need to have private conversations with clients and managers over the phone.
  • This is not always going to be possible when people are working in an open-plan office.
  • A partition screen will allow people to make the calls that they need without being overheard by the other people who happen to be working at the time.
  • The partitions have good noise-cancelling capabilities.

Partitions Will Block Noise Successfully

  • Noisy offices can be distracting places to work, especially when tasks require a high amount of skill and attention to detail.
  • Partitions are going to block the noise successfully so that people are able to work without distraction. This is because they will be self-contained.

Partitions Will Allow People To Move Around The Office Freely

  • The office needs to be kept free of blockages so that the staff members are free to walk around without bumping into furniture.
  • The partitions will also make the office safer because people will be able to access the fire escapes without having to move around a lot of tables.

Partitions Will Force People To Clean Up Their Rubbish

  • People take pride in their own cubicles.
  • This fact can help to make the office tidier than it already is because people want their own space to be as clean as possible.
  • You will see a marked difference in cleanliness once the cubicles have been installed.


You should consider having brand-new cubicles installed in your office in order to improve the privacy and efficiency of your workers. The cubicles can also ensure that people can move around the space with ease.