How Modern CCTV Systems Can Change Your Level of Security


When people think of CCTV, they usually think of those old analogue systems where footage was stored on video tapes that had to be changed several times a day. CCTV systems can really enhance security, either at home or in the workplace, but the fact is that modern digital CCTV systems offer more power than ever before.

The Benefits of Digital CCTV

The development of computer imaging technology means that we now have cameras in our smartphones, but it also means that CCTV in CM23 is better than those old analogue systems. These new digital systems offer the following benefits:

  • Storage: Thousands of hours of video footage can now be stored on hard disks and other digital media. This means that new CCTV systems are convenient and require very little maintenance.
  • Clarity: Unlike old analogue video systems, digital CCTV provides much greater video clarity. Images are easier to view and details stand out. This makes evidence gathering in a security context much more convenient.
  • Connections: Many new digital CCTV systems can be set up to connect directly to a network. This means that any footage can be viewed in real time on mobile devices, and in other parts of the network.

 Strengthen Your Security

Whether for a home or business, a CCTV system can enhance the level of security on the property. Small digital video cameras can even be installed discreetly so that they are not visible to customers or intruders. It is easier than ever before to make sure your premises are secure.