How Raised Access Flooring Could Benefit Your Commercial Environment


If you are a commercial property landlord then you will know that the provision of reliable communication networks to your building is crucial to its operation.

Each of your tenants will likely have different requirements but one thing you can be sure of is that they will all require a considerable amount of IT infrastructure to be provided to and throughout their leased space.

With the onset of raised access flooring, you can now make sure that your building is future proofed for the needs of your tenants.

What is Raised Access Flooring?

Within newer commercial environments it is now common for them to be fitted out with a false or suspended floor throughout the workspace.

It is this usable space created by a raised floor that is incredibly useful for running IT services to wherever you need them within any given area.

The idea is that your IT infrastructure will originate in a server room located somewhere within the building. This room will house several network servers which will then distribute this network of cables throughout your building.

These cables leave the server room and enter each tenant’s space underneath the floor where they can then be accessed by the use of floor grommets and power boxes. It is simply a case of plugging computers and other hardware into floor boxes sitting directly below desks.

The Types of Raised Access Floor Available

There are many types of raised access floor available on the market which are suitable for a variety of different applications. These include;

  • Traditional raised access floor systems which are typically used in more industrial settings. These systems offer less flexibility with increased difficulty accessing the services below the floor without specialist assistance.
  • Low Profile access floors are much more suitable for the average office environment. They offer less space for routing cabling but provide a much more flexible solution. Each panel can be accessed by the removal of induvial carpet tiles making rearrangement simple.

The Benefits

Raised access floors are becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits they provide. Some of these benefits include;

  • Tidier cable management systems without the need for excessive trailing cables.
  • The ability to install ventilation grills for increased environmental comfort as well as providing cooling for the cabling below.
  • Low profile floors in particular are advantageous because they maximise floor to ceiling heights.
  • No need for unsightly overhead cable trays.
  • More space within suspended ceilings for other services such as the provision and distribution of HVAC equipment.


Some landlords express concern over the ability of raised access floors to support substantial weight. In a typical system, each floor panel will feature a load capacity of around 500kgs making them more than suitable for an office environment.

Industrial environments may require greater load capacity which is achievable with stronger plates and supports.

Seek a Quotation

If you are about to undergo a refurbishment then this is the perfect time to install a raised access floor. A raised access floor in Coventry and the West Midlands is a common refurb option so you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding an experienced supplier. Most construction companies will have installed raised access floors or at least have access to a suitable subcontractor.

The sooner you make the switch to raised access flooring the sooner you and your tenants can begin to experience the benefits.