Incentive Events – Making Them Work


Motivating and inspiring your sales team is an essential part of management, however, ensuring they remain at the top of their game at all times can be a challenge. There are many ways to encourage your team to work to their optimum and sometimes simply commission based earnings are enough. There are times, however, when you need to engage with your team as well as offering training, team building and reward opportunities, that’s where incentive events and trips can offer an additional benefit outside of the work environment.

Achieve Your Business Objectives

Offering your employees the opportunity to train, bond and be inspired can have a dramatic effect on their performance and an organisation’s bottom line. The combination of a location away from the normal workplace or outside of the UK even, can motivate and inspire your sales team into achieving their goals and in turn the goals and objectives of your organisation. Encouraging high morale and strong teamwork, this type of event will ensure your team perform at their peak, gaining sales and hitting targets. The rewards to both the individual and the business are invaluable.

Combine having Fun with Training Sessions

Incorporating training and fun rewards will improve the morale of a tired and flagging team. The life of a sales person can be stressful so having an incentive trip on the horizon will be enough to keep them engaged. Corporate incentive events will reinvigorate and re-energise your team. They will return home relieved of stress and hungry for the next challenge to achieve their new target.

Choosing the Perfect Event or Trip

Unless your in-house team have experience of building incentive trips and event programmes that will inspire and excite, it would be advisable to hire a professional team. They will offer you a wide variety of corporate team building challenges and share experiences and case studies of former clients so you can see how the different events can work for you, your team and industry. They will manage the whole process from booking flights and hotels through to arranging trainings and itineraries. Their event teams can also travel with your to help you manage the trip ensuring its success.

Appealing to Your Team

Regardless of the amount of training on the trip, your team will see it as a holiday, a reward and something to look forward to. It will become a desirable treat that research shows is more attractive than a cash bonus so incentive trips will be a desirable benefit to any top sales person considering joining your team. The chance to have amazing experiences and lasting memories and then shout about it when they return will become fantastic PR for your organisation – which is, let’s face it, great for attracting new business. Another thing that happens when your team feel appreciated is their increased motivation resulting in an upsurge in productivity as well as being able to retain your hottest sales people. They will always be loyal to an organisation that offer great training and earning opportunities together with excellent perks.

Though a huge expense, event and travel incentives should never been seen a normal outlay. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Investing in your sales team will result in increased productivity and profitability so really they should be seen as an investment in the future growth of not only your team but your organisation.