Kobelco Unveils the SK350LC-11 Excavator

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Kobelco keeps up pace with competitors with new excavator release sporting new features and more power attributed to the 265 HP TIER IV final engine by Isuzu

At 42 tons and powered by a 265 HP Isuzu engine, Kobelco’s next gen excavator has set a new standard for large excavators in terms of power, versatility and practicality. From a power perspective the new engine produces 745 pounds of pressure per square feet raging 1500RPMs allowing this machine to not just lift heavy loads, but also accommodate large extended tools that renders the SK35LC as one of the best excavators within its class. According to Kobelco’s engineers the balance struck between total engine output and total torque contributes directly to the efficient performance of this machine. Apart from power output to torque optimisation the boom to arm regeneration aspect of the machine coupled with swing priority hydraulics, the SK350-11 is capable of moving that much more material compared to other machines within its class within the same time frame. According to Kobelco’s North American region product manager, there are specific elements that make the next generation excavator popular within the excavator for hire niche as construction equipment rental companies are the biggest buyers for this particular excavator for hire or rental at a price average of $350 per day (without operators and additional attachments). Among the factors according to Kobelco includes:

The ISUZU Tier IV Final-Compliant Engine that delivers unrivalled performance and efficiency coupled with an enhanced Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)” and the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system which renders the SK350 as a total EPA-compliant machine. These advanced features do not just lower operating costs significantly, but they also lower ownership costs greatly compared to other excavators within the same category.

The Independent Travel feature enables the SK350 to lift material when the machine is still in motion without fluctuations to the speed or power which makes the SK350 one of the safest excavators in the market. The 2-Piece Boom is another feature exclusive to Kobelco that takes digging reach to new depths. The level of flexibility offered by 2-piece booms (hydraulic booms that are adjustable) makes the machine the perfect solution for demolition purposes especially for projects that are confined or environments that have limited space. From a safety aspect the new model from Kobelco has been enhanced with better view attributed to three added cameras projected on a 10 inch digital monitor. The machine is also wider, has a lower point of gravity based on a new frame design that adds to the stability of the machine when on uneven terrain. Kobelco has also made significant improvements that enhance the level of comfort for operator which is critical towards eliminating or reducing fatigue which often leads to poorer performance and productivity. The seat especially is not just adjustable but also fitted with an exceptional shock absorption mechanism and coupled with an air conditioned cab (multi-split air conditioner system) and a low effort joy stick; operators will be able to be consistently productive throughout their work day.

This latest excavator by Kobelco is not the only new next generation machine that Kobelco is introducing to the global market this year as the manufacturer has also indicated that they will be launching a new series of hybrid mini excavators, dumpers and a conceptualized skid steer that may also be introduced into the global market soon. Most of these new innovations are part of the “performance by design” concept that Kobelco attached its development and production teams to. Based on the market response, Kobelco could be deemed as being on the right track leaving other manufacturers without choice, but to follow in their footsteps.