Promoting Your Business Over The Winter Holidays


If your business is banking on a fruitful winter holiday season to boost its profits, you probably don’t need to be told that you’re supposed to promote the hell out of it. This part of the year is when the competition gets really stiff and everyone looks to get an upper hand and grab a lion’s share of the market. Here are a few tips on how you can keep pace, and hopefully even exceed your competitors.

Boost Your Online Presence

If you haven’t already covered all the basics of your online profile, use this time of the year to do so. Ask yourself a few simple questions: is your website user friendly? Is it optimized for mobile devices? How about social networks? Are you active in your attempts to engage the community? Or how about your e-mail outreach to your current and potential clients, have you done that?

If the answer to some (or all) of these questions is “no”, you need to change it to “yes” as quickly as you can. Accessibility of your website is crucial, and the more you interact with the audience on social media, the more potential clients you will capture. Be creative, organize contests and giveaways, ask the public for advice or suggestions regarding certain aspects of your business (everyone likes to be included, and it will make them feel like they are a part of your operations). Even if you don’t get visible results immediately, if you put in the work you can certainly expect benefits in the long run.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

During one of the busiest money-spending seasons you need to be omni-present. That doesn’t just include paying for ads in various advertising channels, but also taking an active role in the community. Winter holiday season is traditionally the time of giving and caring for the less fortunate, so get in on the charity action. Support a cause that will resonate in your immediate surroundings, and be creative with it. Don’t just donate money – instead go for the biggest public splash possible: sponsor a gifted local, or a sports team, organize a charity community event, involve as many “outsiders” as you can. If you’re able to draw attention to a good cause, you will also draw attention to yourself, and a little bit of good will is as good of an organic promotion as you will get. Also, don’t forget about freebies! Promotional gifts are a great marketing vehicle, and you have plenty of inexpensive options at your disposal. If you put on a social event, make sure you have something interesting with your logo on it – water bottles with promotional labels carrying your brand logo are a nice, yet fairly inexpensive touch.

Tailor your Offer for the Season

Every holiday season is dominated with discounts and firesales, so much so that the public expects them to such an extent that it is necessary for your business to come up with enticing offers for the spoiled holiday shopper. Depending on the size of your business and the extent of your means, you may or may not be able to offer truly great deals, but you don’t necessarily need to. It is not so much about the value you’re giving to your customers and clients – it’s about the perceived value. The word “discount” carries certain weight on its own, and you’re free to get creative in designing quality offers. Consider emphasizing and discounting a few in demand products that will attract the customers and hopefully keep them coming back.