Proving Distracted Driving Caused An Accident

Auto Accident Attorney

Just a mere claim that the driver causing the accident isn’t enough as it could seem prejudicial and biased with inconclusive evidence. Accidents caused by distracted drivers stem from various reasons like texting, adjusting the music or stereo, setting up the GPS, grooming, eating, etc. 

With the expertise and experienced help of an Auto Accident Attorney in Atlanta GA, the needed justice can be achieved. Here are a few essential pointers that can help provide the required proof to make your case:

  1. Cell phone data and records: Cell phones are one of the leading causes of distraction while driving, which could cause fatal accidents on the road. By using the timing and location through phone records, one can find out what the cell phone owner was doing at the accident.
  1. CCTV surveillance: With the availability of closed-circuit footage available at every corner of every street, the accident can be caught in live-action with the accurate timing of the accident.
  1. Witnesses: The use of live faces in court who can account for the incident taking place can add to the credibility of the incident. The witness could be the passenger in the car or the bystanders who witnessed the said accident.
  1. Accident experts: The use of accident experts can help prove the angle and the cause due to which the accident took place. Hiring such experts can prove the distraction on the part of the defendant.
  1. Police documentation: The detailed report taken down by the police can establish the crime scene in words down to the nail. The fatalities, shreds of evidence, the parties involved, and all the other details surrounding the case can be used to strengthen one’s claim against the defendant.
  1. Legal assistance: When the filing for the case begins, the defendant is likely to cross your series of evidence with them to find a loophole or deficiency. Hiring a well-versed attorney can help ensure that the burden of proof of your claim stays valid.
  1. Vehicle data: Today, most vehicles have a built-in tracking device that can be accessed to find the vehicle’s location. The defendants’ vehicle location at the time of the accident can be traced. This will help establish a factual presentation of the vehicle.
  1. Check their social media: With almost every person having an account on one or more social media platforms, keeping up with them itself is a task that can be distracting while on the road. However, social media posts and timing can help analyze where the defendant was and what they were doing on the platform while behind the wheel.