Security – A Concern for All Small Businesses


With crime figures on the up, business owners must be especially vigilant, and all access points to the business premises need to be very secure. There are a number of ways to achieve this, one can install CCTV, which is more a deterrent than a security system, but with suitable security doors front and back, there really isn’t any way an intruder could force entry. Made to measure is the only way to go, and if you really want the best security, tubular steel doors can be fabricated to perfectly fit the openings, and with lockable windows, your business premises will be well protected.

Retail Outlets

The problem with roller shutters is they do nothing for the appearance of the building and if you run a trendy retail outlet, for example, it is possible to have some stylish security doors built, and with a range of powder coated colours, you can also complement your shop front. Shutters do not allow for your wares to be displayed outside of opening hours, but with a custom made creation, your goods will be visible, yet secure.

Steel Security Doors

There are no off the shelf solutions with security doors, rather the supplier would come and look at the premises, and with close consultation with the customer, they would design something that ticks all the boxes. Your store might be relatively small, and only has a single door at the entrance, or a pair of side opening doors would look elegant, and with a wide range of designs gives you scope to improve the exterior appearance, while adding much needed security.

Security Window Grilles

Windows are also access points, and the burglar uses them to good effect, and rather than having bulky shutters fitted, why not have some elegant security window grilles made? There are online suppliers of security doors in Melbourne, for example, who can create something unique, and the cost is very affordable.

Three Point Locking System

Modern steel security doors can look like they are more of an attraction that a barrier, but with super strong tubular steel that is fabricated by experts and a 3-point locking system, even the hardened professional wouldn’t bother attempting to breach such a door. This type of locking system is virtually impenetrable, and with a professional installation, your security is guaranteed.

Quality Fixtures and Fittings

With a choice of brass or chrome fittings, a security door looks anything but a steel barrier, as it is possible to combine strength and art, and any premises with this type of protection would certainly stand out, and for the right reasons. If you would like to know more about how stylish these doors actually are, an online search should bring up a list of established suppliers, and look for one that emphasizes appearance and can make to order.

If you are looking to beef up your business premises security, custom made steel security doors could be the ideal solution, and with a simple Google search, a supplier is only a few clicks away.