Selecting a top freight forwarder


Shippers always want to work with the right freight forwarders. However, choosing the right one is not an easy task. In fact, it is a daunting challenge. Freight forwarders are performing very crucial services within the industry of transportation. They are effectively in charge of the storage services and shipping the goods from one place to the other. The success of business is intricately tied with the quality of freight forwarder.

Although you can ship freight and send packages to Mexico or any other place through any freight forwarder, it is essential that the right option is opted for. This can be done by considering the following factors:

  1. Shipping needs

The primary step in choosing the right forwarding service for your business is to properly define the needs. Make sure you know what are the types of services that your business needs. This includes the volumes of shipment that you need to ship and the modes of transportation needed. This piece of information is essential to determine what are your shipping needs.

  • Experience

The next step is to properly assess the experience and credentials of the forwarder. This is a very basic requirement to check. It is imperative since experience can tell you how good a professional service is at delivering the promises. It is essential to know since experienced professionals are able to tackle different problems and challenges in an effective manner. Thus, make sure you ask the forwarder not only about how much experience he has but also its quality and diversity.

  • Network

You must know about the network of the freight forwarder. The professional service must be properly connected with other transportation companies and forwarders. The freight forwarder should have a wide network of partners and agents. These connections should not only be based locally but internationally as well. This is in case of exports. Having a better network means that the forwarder will be able to work in a better and a safer manner.

  • Professional accreditation

It is important to ensure that the freight forwarder has accreditations and membership of the right professional bodies. You can inquire by asking them directly. Ask whether they are part of freight forwarding circles, trade associations or any other professional body or network. These memberships can reflect how legitimate, professional, efficacious and reliable they are.

  • Customer service

Customer service of a freight forwarder is very important. You should choose a company which knows how to talk to a customer. The quality of customer service can be judged by the way they communicate with you. Ask different question – if they are able to answer it properly, then they have a good customer service.

The bottom line

Choosing a good freight forwarder is no longer difficult if you take these factors into account. Also go through some customer reviews. This is to ensure that you make the correct choice. It helps in assessing the pros and cons of different professional services and make a good choice.