What Is Piling and How Does It Help


To make sure a structure is stable and sound, commercial piling is used to support a building. This support is provided through materials such as timber, concrete, steel, or wood. The pile itself is shaped like a cylinder and is placed underneath the ground so that a structure can be erected on top of it.

Therefore, pile foundations are made up of piles that are linked to a pile cap, which is configured as a concrete block that is connected to the heads of piles. Normally, a pile foundation must be used when the surface soil is too weak to support a structure. Therefore, piles make it possible for a building’s loads to go through the soil to a solid and strong soil layer or rock.

How the Piles Are Installed

Whenever heavy loads are featured in a building’s design—like a high rise, bridge, or water tank—commercial piling services are used. The piles are applied with a pile driver, which drives them into the ground. Each pile is held by the driver and is hammered into the ground by dropping a heavy weight onto it. A pile cannot be driven into the ground past a solid layer of soil. Therefore, at this point, it cannot go further into the ground.

Reducing the Vibrations and Noise

Some piles, such as helical piles or micro piles, are not hammered into the soil. Whilst micro piles are dug into the soil, helical piles are drilled, pushed, or rotated at a site. These piles are often used to prevent vibrations or noise at a construction site.

Keeping Things in Balance

Besides being used to reinforce a building on weakened soil, piles are used to support foundations that are sinking or which need reinforcement. For example, foundation repair professionals install piles to raise a building with hydraulic equipment. They can also fix damaged foundations and keep them level by using piles to make the repair.

Ensuring a Structure’s Ongoing Stability

When piles are used, construction engineers examine the soil at a site. They do this to ensure that the capacity does not increase once the piles have been applied. Basically, when you are using piles, you want to make sure the weight of a structure is distributed evenly.

Signs a Building May Need Repair

Driven piles are used in both commercial projects and for residences. Pile repairs are indicated if you notice the following:

  • The windows or doors are not opening properly or they are projecting outward
  • Cracks are seen across the interior walls
  • Cracks are featured on the outside of a building
  • The chimney is out of alignment with the building

Regardless of the terrain, piling can be helpful in levelling out a structure and enhancing its integrity.