What to Expect from Trunited


There are many ways for you to find out about Trunited. It might be that you have a friend who have signed up on the site or you must have stumbled upon it on Facebook. The problem is that you have no idea whether it is a legitimate platform or a scam. That’s why it is crucial for you to read a Trunited review you can trust.

Defining Trunited

It is a socialized commerce platform which allows you to earn cash by shopping online using the platform called Trunited. This enables you to earn rebates by shopping from around 300 online stores that are found within the platform. There are many stores that you can choose from inside the Trunited platform. Some of these brands are Macy’s, The Home Depot, Walmart, Ciela, Pure Body Naturals, Cold Stone Creamery, Spring in the air, and many others.

The Person Behind Trunited

The founder of Trunited is Dr. Nicolas Porter aka Dr. Nic. He founded the platform in 2015. He first ventured into dental practices around Colorado and Arizona before he decided to get into network marketing and establish Trunited. It’s an online shopping platform that pays the members who shop through the use of the platform.

The Amount of Money Earned from Trunited

There is no way for you to predict the amount of money that you can earn from Trunited. It is influenced by several factors namely the amount of money spent every month, the amount of money spent by other members of the site, the spending habits of other members, and the total amount of Trunited’s operating costs each month.

At month’s end, all the money in the piggy bank will be added up. From this amount, Trunited deducts money to pay for the operating expenses. Everything that remains after that is considered as profit which will be divided among the members. The reward of each member is determined through his or her profit points.

You can also earn money from Trunited by being an affiliate. There are specific qualifications to becoming an affiliate. Make sure that you have $100 in your account. It is also required that you refer at least one person to join the site. It is crucial for the referral to make a purchase on the site every month. You earn money from your very own purchases and also from those who are members of your team. A yearly fee of $99 must be paid.

How Much Is Membership to the Site?

Membership to the site is free. You only have to spend for the things you buy on the platform. It is more likely that you shop in the featured shops all the time; it’s better to shop through Trunited since you will be earning money at the end of the month.