What Types of Workplace Safety Signs Should A Company Use


Nowadays, you will see in many places a whole range of workplace safety signs being utilised in a whole range of different settings and locations. Some are seen in particular occupational environments, such as the ones which warn anyone in the area to don a hard hat or others which lets workers know that there are forklifts around and in use.

And then there are the other sort of workplace safety signs which are a lot more common and seen in a wide range of settings, like the ones which warn of wet floors or the whereabouts of items such as fire extinguishers. These types of signs that warn people of hazards or assistance are usually of a bright yellow or orange colour and designed to stand out in the area where they are necessarily required. In the case of the wet floor, after the hazard is removed, are simply removed and placed somewhere else where they are deemed necessary.

A Safety Necessity

Even on somewhere such as an oil rig, it is vitally important that the precise safety signs are in the proper place and are understandable enough for all employees to comprehend clearly. Professional printers of safety take 5 deliver the very best in sign awareness with over three decades of proud experience in the business of workers wellbeing.  

In practically every country on Earth, there are certain laws that state that safety signs must be used in the workplace so as to let people know the whereabouts of items or places. The perfect example is the commonly displayed signs that show where fire escapes are situated, (seen in all office buildings and others where there are an abundant number of people) In every case, and for reasons of safety, exit signs have been designed and made to remain illuminated even if the main power supply is cut off or just not working.

Safety Signs – Where Would We Be Without Them?

There are some examples when workplace safety signs are needed to highlight the presence of dangerous areas or materials. This may include a

·         Warning: Electrical Room

·         Danger: High Voltage

·         Eye Protection Must Be Worn

·         Smoke free workplace

And slogans such as:

·         Never give safety a day off

·         Do your work with pride. Put safety in every stride

·         An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

·         Safety awareness saves lives

In other instances, where things such as hazardous materials are being stored or at use in the workplace, there must legally be warning signs in all areas where such materials are kept.

Safety Means Never Taking a Day Off

The majority of workplace safety signs, are there for work settings and especially in places such as building construction sites where work is being carried out. Everyone who enters the area needs to be informed that they are entering into a dangerous building area, with signs such as “Hard Hats Required” or “Construction Site: Authorised Personnel Only”.

Safety is in everyone’s best interests!