Why Expert Advice is Essential when Forming a Swiss Holding Company


Every nation has its own laws and this means that great consideration must be given when selecting a location for a holding company. Switzerland has always had a reputation for attracting wealth, and being one of the wealthiest in Europe, it has become home to many rich and famous people from all walks of life. This tiny country set in the Alp mountain range, offers the foreign investor many advantages, and a holding company can actually be exempt from paying certain federal taxes, depending on which Canton it is registered with.

Canton Selection

Switzerland is made up of 26 Cantons, or Districts, and each has its own specific taxation rates, which is why you really need the help of an established business that is dedicated to company formation the Swiss way, and once you have made contact with such a company, they will be able to advise and guide you every step of the way, and usually, the company registration is completed within a month and you are all set to commence trading.

Much to Consider

Even after the company is formed, you will need to arrange for many services, such as leasing office space, or if you prefer to use the virtual office service, this gives you the appearance of having a Swiss office without the expense. Your accounting must be carried out within Switzerland, so you will need the help of a local accountant, which is also something your adviser can handle.

Preparing Essential Documents

Every quarter, accounts and taxation reports must be filed, and if you have the benefit of a local expert in your team, nothing will be left to chance, and by complying with the Swiss government requirements, your business will run smoothly and enjoy the lowest tax rates.

IT Support

The new company would obviously require a website, and this can also be arranged on your behalf. Professional IT experts who speak fluent English will create and maintain the perfect showcase for the new company, and they can also set up any IT solutions you might need in your Swiss office.

Letterhead and Logo

You might already have a design in mind and only require printing, but if you have yet to strike up a concept, there are local experts who can produce the perfect design, and this will really give your company the right image. These are essential accessories for a successful business, and everything you could possibly need can be arranged on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on profitable trading, which will ensure a steady growth.

If you are about to set up a holding company, talk to the experts first, and they will enlighten you regarding the best location for such a business, and with all the essential services on tap, it makes for a stress free experience. An online search would reveal the website of a specialist company and once you have made contact, the rest is easy.