Why Heat Your Schools Swimming Pool

Heat Your Schools Swimming Pool

It is important to heat your schools swimming pool to increase the level of usage, a heated pool can be enjoyed all year round by students and teachers alike, it allows greater access and provides a safe and enjoyable area where children can learn to swim. A swimming pool is a substantial investment, so why not get the most out of it and install a heating system. The following article will discuss some of the benefits of having a warm swimming pool.

Teaching Water Safety

It is vital that kids learn to swim at a young age, and what better way to learn that with their friends in school. The problem with having a pool which isn’t heated is that children get cold quickly when instructors are giving directions, you don’t want kids waiting around in a freezing cold pool while listening to swimming coaches. It is better to have them submerged in a pool with a heated system, this means they won’t get bored quickly and there is less risk of them getting sick. You can’t expect instructors to teach lessons in a cold pool and expect kids to listen intently while their body temperature gradually decreases.

Return on Investment

If your school is lucky enough to have a pool, why not go that extra mile and install a heating system. You want to maximise your return on investment, so fitting your facility with a heating system makes perfect sense. A warm pool allows your students to enjoy swimming all year round, it gives you more space to include extra classes, so the pool becomes more inclusive for all. It completely opens up your timetable and offers kids a much larger schedule. A heated pool also gives you an opportunity to rent the pool out for after school activities, this is a great way of making extra money which can be reinvested in other educational projects. For example, you could rent your facility out to instructors who wish to run aqua based classes such as:

  • Lifesaving lessons
  • Water safety certification
  • Aquarobics
  • Water walkers
  • Adult swimming lessons
  • Rookie lifeguard classes

There are a wide variety of classes that your pool could host outside of school hours that would bring in some much-needed additional finance. Commercial pool heating isn’t as costly as before, it is now very affordable and has a variety of associated benefits. It can increase swim time for students by as much as 50%, it also makes your pool available to rent at any time of the year. Heating swimming pools are no longer a luxury exclusively enjoyed by elite schools, any educational institute can now avail of a commercial heating system.

There is a whole host of benefits associated with installing a heating system in your schools swimming pool, students get far greater access to the facility and it is available for use all year round. It makes it far more inclusive and it gives your school an option for running physical activity events throughout the term, you’re no longer dependent on weather conditions.