Are you always in a slump? Do you wake up feeling motivated but find it difficult to stay so for a stretch of time? Well don’t worry, this is a predicament even the most optimistic people face. Here are a few tips that might help you in overcoming this problem.

Imagine the worst case scenario

When put to the task, our minds are capable of creating far less appealing outcomes than whatever the reality is. The horrible possibilities alone are enough to provide an immense sense of relief. Just thinking of how bad your situation could really be makes you appreciate how good things are. Visualize a scenario where you wouldn’t have found your favorite barber shop Toronto open and ended up with a terrible haircut from a different place. You’ll definitely feel better after that and feel relieved things didn’t go so bad.

Be grateful

It might sound ridiculous at first, but this actually works. You’d be surprised how much your mood can change just by thinking about all the things your thankful for. Why? These thoughts are often linked with happy memories which ultimately make us happy. So appreciating all that’s around you helps you retain the good memories.

Surround yourself with positive people

You might not be aware but your environment influences a lot about you. Research shows that individuals in groups tend to mimic the behavior of the people in the same group cluster. Therefore, if you surround yourself with negative people, their negativity is bound to rub off on you. In the same way if you surround yourself with positive people their positivity is bound to affect you.

Actively try to be happy

You have to make a conscious effort to be happy and it should be a daily habit. However, this is no easy feat. It requires a strong mentality to be actively happy but over time it becomes effortless. True happiness comes from within and you shouldn’t wait for others to give you a sense of happiness. Derive it anywhere and anyhow you can.

Talk to someone when feeling low

Be it a friend, your folks or your general practitioner, reaching out helps a great deal. No matter how unique you think your situation is, there is always someone who has been through what you are going through. Also, the perspective of an outsider could be useful in tough situations. You could also try surrounding yourself with happy and positive people. They create an a great environment to boost your spirits.

Live in the moment

When an extremely stressful situation occurs, we tend to relive it in our minds over and over again. This is quite depressing. At times we even come up with stressful situations on our own and get worked up over them! These situations can be avoided by focusing on the future as opposed to the past. Take for instance you’re late for work on a particular morning and your boss reprimands you, instead of reliving the ugly conversation you had for the rest of the day, get over it and move on. Don’t let your tardiness affect the rest of your day. Often at times the reality is not as bad as you imagined it.

End note

Staying positive requires a conscious effort. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be happy or not.