3 Reasons to Install Air Con in your Workplace


If you live in a warm climate or your business is located in a country which enjoys a spell of sunshine during the summer months, it is beneficial to install air conditioning in your workplace. It doesn’t even have to be that hot outside, body heat alone can make an office or shop incredibly stuffy. Here are 3 reasons to consider installing an air conditioning system in your premises.

  1. Increase Productivity

If you don’t provide your workers with a favourable environment in which to operate, you’ll dramatically effect productivity levels. During the summer in the UK, temperatures can reach upward of 30 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country, and that’s just the outside temperature. You can add a few extra degrees if you want to measure some of the indoor temperatures workers experience while at their jobs. If you don’t invest in air conditioning installation, you’ll have a lot of disgruntled workers on your hands. Most employees will try to avoid work when they are in an uncomfortable environment, this is a natural response. But, as a business owner you should take measures to improve their setting. A state of the art air conditioning unit is an excellent way of showing your employees that they matter and as the owner of the business you are concerned about their welfare.

  1. Improve Workers Health

As a business owner, you must take care of your most important assets. If they get sick because you let them work in a hot, sticky environment, your sales will suffer. If your employees are subjected to a favourable working atmosphere, they’ll be less inclined to get sick. So, you’ll benefit from having to deal with less issues relating to your staff.

  • They won’t take sick leave as often.
  • You won’t lose staff to illness.
  • You won’t have to pay for medical expenses.

Leaving staff in a stuffy, warm workplace means you are exposing them to an environment which promotes bacteria and other pathogens. The cooler the setting, the less likely harmful pathogens are to breed. An air conditioning unit will allow you to regulate the temperature in your building, so the area isn’t the breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.

  1. Customer Service

If you’ve numerous customers coming through your front door on a regular basis, you’ll require air conditioning units to keep them cool. For example, if you’ve a dentistry clinic or any other type of medical facility where clients have to wait to see a professional, you’ll need to provide an adequate waiting environment. You can’t allow patients to wait in a poorly cooled room on a scorching hot summers day, especially if they are unwell. Your secretary won’t just appreciate the air con, your clients will too.

Installing air conditioning in your premises is vital for a number of reasons, the three points mentioned previously are only a small sample of the many benefits of fitting air con units in commercial premises. They don’t just improve employee working conditions, they also make customers feel more relaxed.