Converting MKV to AVI with Movavi Video Converter


At one point in time AVI was arguably the most popular video format out there, though it has since been toppled by MP4 and more recently MKV has gained ground too. While newer formats tend to be superior in terms of the codecs they support, sometimes you may find that converting your MKV videos to AVI is necessary – especially if you want it to play properly on older devices.

The good news is that there are several ways to convert MKV to AVI, including some free converters and online platforms. Unfortunately these options invariably have lots of limitations, in terms of the total duration, file size, and so on. As such if you’re looking for a way to be able to convert any MKV video to AVI – your best bet is Movavi Video Converter.

Using Movavi Video Converter to convert MKV to AVI will not only ensure that you’re not subject to any limitations, but also let you get the job done quickly and effectively. It can be set up to convert your video in a minute or less, and due to its ‘SuperSpeed’ technology the video conversion itself will only take about as long as it would to copy and paste the file.

All that you need to do to set up Movavi Video Converter to that it converts your MKV video to AVI is open the software and add the video to it. To do that click ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add Video’ and select the MKV video file, or drag and drop the file into the main working area.

Next you should select the AVI format that you want to convert your video to – by clicking on the ‘Video’ tab in the bottom section of Movavi Video Converter’s interface, and selecting the ‘AVI’ category. In that category you’ll see a number of different options that have different resolutions and codecs.

After you pick the format that you want, you can then immediately convert your video. Before you click the ‘Convert’ button however, you should click on the ‘folder’ icon next to the ‘Save to’ field to set the destination folder. Once that is done you can start the conversion, and before you know it your MKV video would have been converted to AVI and saved in the destination folder.

It should be noted that rather than manually choosing a format to convert your video, Movavi Video Converter has a library consisting of hundreds of built-in presets that you can use. Each preset will automatically optimize your video for a specific device or platform.

On top of that you should also make it a point to try out Movavi Video Converter’s other features and use them to compress videos, edit and improve them, convert audio or image files, or even create animated GIFS or extract audio tracks. As you may be starting to see there are a lot of potent features that are available, and it would definitely be a good idea to explore them at your leisure.