7 Tips on How to Make a Slideshow


A slideshow is no longer just a tool used by a host or university professor to discuss a subject. Many people seeing slideshow useful for use in the presentation have repurposed it for sharing information with others on the internet. Today, you can easily make your slideshow with a slideshow maker and share it with the world on your video hosting account. The following are 7 tips on how to make a slideshow.

Choose a Slideshow Maker Software

As you know, the first step is to install a slideshow maker on your computer. Buying the software is better than using the online slideshow maker tool. If you use the online tool, you will have to upload your photos which give people a chance to access and steal your pictures for their uses. The most important thing is to choose a slideshow maker that allows you to produce the style of presentation you want for your slideshow video. Some of the best slideshow maker software are Microsoft Powerpoint, Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac, and Prezi.

Use a Slideshow Template

If you want people to watch, you have to make it look professional. If you go to YouTube and do research, you will find that all slideshows that get lots of views are designed professionally. It is recommended to use a free template if you have no idea to create an aesthetically pleasing slideshow. The slideshow templates can be downloaded free online.

You can also buy the slideshow templates. When choosing a template, make sure you can easily edit it to match your brand name. You need to make sure the template you choose is exactly what you need for your project. You should not just buy it because it has a lot of visuals like charts and graphs. Before downloading the template, make sure to access the demo so that you know whether it suits you.

Be Consistent in Your Brand Theme

Each slide must have a theme that is consistent with your brand colour. This will send a clear message of your brand to the viewers. It will also be helpful to put a small logo of your brand name on the corner of the slides so that people know that they are watching a slideshow created by your company. You can make the logo greyscale or slightly transparent so that it will not be intrusive to the main content. Besides the logo, you can also place hashtag to encourage people to help tweet about your slideshow presentation.

Use Relevant Images

Besides, you must use images that are relevant and provide a glimpse of the message you want to convey. Using the image in your slide can help your audience to absorb the information more easily. You should choose images that can help you get a conversion. Always make sure that the image you use is sharp. Don’t stretch a small graphic to a large graphic as it is going to appear blur in the slideshow.

Be Straight to the Point

It is essential to be straight to the point in the text that you add to the slides. Each slide should only talk about one idea. Only use charts/graphs if it can get the message more clearly to the audience. The text has to be big and clear so that your audience can view them without having to strain their eyes.

Don’t Limit Your Slideshow Length

You can use as many slides as possible to expand on all the points you want to say in the video. The most important thing is to make sure that each slide that you use is providing useful information that contributes to the slideshow. It will not be of any use if you fill your slideshow with a lot of slides, but many of these sites are confusing and provide information that is not useful to the audience.

Double Check Your Slideshow

The last step is to double-check your slides and make sure that there is no error in it. Proofread the text to ensure that you have written everything correctly on the slides. There should be no issue with fonts and images. You can ask another person to check your presentation to ensure that it is designed correctly. You may also want to back up your slideshow presentation as PDF just in case.