Deep Cleaning Your Carpets: What You Should Know

Very dirty carpet

If you have to clean the carpet in a high-traffic commercial area, it is important to use the right carpet cleaner for the task. For example, if your carpet cleaning machine features a hot water extraction process, you need to make sure you use the right concentrate for the equipment. The right fluid should leave no residue on the carpet and should be a low-foaming cleaner.

Extraction Cleaners for Carpeting

Most of the extraction cleaners used today leave behind a pleasant-smelling lemon scent and are safe on wool carpeting. You can also use extraction cleaners on natural and synthetic fibres as well as non-woven and woven carpeting.

When you can rely on a company to provide you with cleaning supplies online for your hot water extractor machine, you can continue to keep your commercial carpet in tip-top shape. This is important whether you own a business or manage the cleaning for a commercial building. Everything must be done to present a good impression to customers and employees. If your carpeting is discoloured or soiled, this can reflect poorly on your company. Therefore, deep cleaning a carpet is critical to ensure a clean environment and maintain a positive impression.

As a result, the most obvious reason for cleaning a carpet is to enhance the rug’s appearance. Even if people are generally clean, a carpet will still pick up dirt, food, or mud during the course of the day. In addition, if a carpet is not regularly deep-cleaned, it can become a habitat for bacteria and allergens, which can also lead to problems with employee health.

Keeping Your Commercial Fresh and Clean

Keeping the carpet deep-cleaned also gets rid of stains that are almost impossible to remove if they are allowed to set. When you use the carpet cleaning formulas available today, you also enhance the smell of a work area or commercial site. Crumbs, dust, and debris can trigger bad odours, so it is important to use the right liquids with your carpet cleaning machine.

Carpets are expensive. That is why cleaning is mandatory. By using the right cleaning solvent to enhance a carpet’s appearance, you also preserve a carpet’s longevity. Plus, it costs far less to deep clean a carpet than it does to install a new rug, all which is better for a company’s bottom line.

Besides liquid formulations, you can also buy deep-cleaning concentrates in the form of a powder. A powder is normally used for cleaning carpets that are heavily soiled. The detergent is composed of non-ionic and anionic surfactants, optical brighteners, alkaline builders, and a corrosion inhibitor. A citrusy scent is also included to impart a clean and fresh smell.