Four Tips for Conducting Online Job Interviews


If you work in a field that allows you to move anywhere in the world, such as the oil and gas industry, you may wish to explore the world by working in other countries. While many corporations will have opportunities to transfer you overseas, those opportunities could be limited. To be hired by a company in another country, you will need to be interviewed and using these tips will help make your interviews successful.

Have a Good Connection

If you’re being interviewed via Skype or another online method, you should make sure that you have an adequate connection. A landline will help ensure that you don’t lose the call but, if you’re like most people, you probably have Wi-Fi. Your connection should be at least 2mbps to avoid buffering or losing the connection completely during the interview.

Dedicate Space for Interviews

When you are being interviewed online, do it in a room or space that is quiet and where distractions can be avoided. Keep your children, pets, or friends out of the room and do not have music or the television playing in the background.

Check the lighting to make sure the images won’t be too dark and make sure that your microphone can be clearly heard by whomever is interviewing. To check on connections, sound, and how the images may come across to an interviewer, conduct a mock interview with a friend so that adjustments can be made while he or she is online with you.

Be Professional

An online video or audio interview shouldn’t be treated any differently than a face-to-face interview. Dress professionally, at least from the top up, and be well groomed, polite, and prepared to ask and answer questions. Wear a dark suit jacket or a blouse with a touch of colour as prints can be distracting for some people on camera.

Your professionalism should extend to your username on the app that you’re using for online interviews. Create a username with your real name or initials and avoid anything too casual. By being professional and prepared, you may find several opportunities to work in many places around the world including sales and marketing jobs in Malaysia for application.

Be Patient

It can be easy to talk over someone when using Skype or similar apps, especially if there is a slight delay due to the connection. Allow the interviewer to finish what he or she is asking before you begin to answer. Talking over someone, even accidentally, is rude so avoid it if possible.

Also, try not to speak too quickly and use proper enunciation, especially when speaking with someone for whom English isn’t the first language. If possible, conduct the interview in the language used where you will be living if you get the job. However, if you don’t know Malay or Chinese, then English should be fine.

Online interviews are being used more frequently because employers don’t have to wait on prospects to come to them. In addition, prospects don’t have to spend money flying all over the world to seek employment in countries where they are interested in working.