How Can a Laser Engraver Diversify Your Woodworking Business?


Anyone who operates a woodworking business can grow their business by investing in a laser engraving system. With businesses across almost every industry cross-selling and diversifying, it’s a smart move for woodworking businesses to join this trend. If you’ve been trying to find a way to be more creative and boost your customer reach, a laser cutter can do that for you.

Diversify your woodworking business

Even though wood is your material of preference, you may consider adding other materials to your laser cutting business. The same laser engraving machine you buy can also engrave leather, acrylic, metals, and a few other materials that will add to what you offer your customers. You can start with wood, then expand later, but every business needs to consider diversifying to stay alive in modern times.

Essentially, a laser cutter will increase your product line whether you expand beyond woodworking or not. It’s simply better to expand where and when you can.

Pivot with change

Demands change, therefore you must roll with it. You will notice when a product or a whole sector of your product offerings becomes less profitable. That means you should cut back on that sector (or eliminate it) and focus on new products and materials. Keep an eye on trends, and learn new laser cutting processes to prevent downtime.

Add services and products

Engage your current customers/clients and reach out to more potential clients by adding personalized products to your line. Personalization is trending and hot now and there aren’t any signs of that slowing down. Ensure your clients that you can meet their needs so they know they can depend on you without having to go somewhere else for their needs.

Boost your bottom line

Laser engraving systems provide versatility, functionality, and precision for every product you create or personalize. That means you streamline your business, saving time and money. You should see such a return on your investment that it pays for the laser machine within a year or less. You also don’t have the cleanup with laser systems like your other woodworking processes.

Ideas for adding products

Here are two ideas to consider for your woodworking business that will expand on your product line.

  • Laser cut business cards – Businesses are always looking for unique ways to promote themselves. Business cards don’t have to be made from only conventional business card stock. Business cards are also made from plastic, acrylic, chipboard, metal, or wood. The goal is to create some samples to show off to potential business clients.
  • Personalized products – You can add personalized products from trophies to kitchen cutting boards to increase your reach and revenue.

You’re limited only by your own imagination and creativity when you add a laser engraving system. You will be amazed at how many new products and services you can add to your woodworking business by investing in this technology. You can engrave furniture, cabinetry, wood signs, wood plaques, trophies, stone, metal, and other materials and products that will lead to higher profits.